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A Red Sign is Not Traffic! See How 99 Smartphones Hacked Google Maps



google maps hacked

Google Maps is an excellent navigation and traffic tool used by millions of people around the globe. It allows people to view street maps, topographical maps, and even satellite view. Showing directions towards the destination, time of travel and analyzing parking situations has made a journey so much comfortable for people. One of the essential features of google maps is showing traffic jams and congestion on the road with a red sign. But the question is, are you getting the right information about traffic on the road or Google Maps is hacked? The red area on Google Maps might be the cell phones roaming around!

There are always lacking and weak points in technological revolutions. Explaining this scenario, A person experimented to find loopholes in Google Maps.

How Simon Weckert Hacked Google Maps?

Simon Weckert recently found a method to puzzle google maps, and he called it a “hack” for google maps. He loaded 99 second-hands smartphones in a red cart and turned google maps navigation on all phones. He slowly pulled the cart around the streets of Berlin resulted in fooling of google map. Roads on navigation maps immediately showed red signs of traffic congestion in that area when there was no significant traffic. And its fooled!

 Google maps showed it as a concentration of 99 users in the streets of Berlin and a sudden traffic jam. Since he was moving the cart slowly, it sends signals to Google that traffic is slow-moving; eventually, streets turned red.

Google is Positive!

Google headquarters responded to this Google Maps “hack” with a positive attitude. According to 9to5google, the statement comes out as,

“Whether via car or cart or camel, we love seeing creative uses of Google Maps as it helps us make maps work better over time.”

Just an Experiment!

The actual reason behind this “hack” by Simon Weckert is neither apparent nor explained his adventure. Instead, he just broke the news with proofs of photos and videos explaining his method and explained how google Maps have innovated with time. According to information from his article, he says that:

“The most significant difference is that Google’s maps are interactive – scrollable, searchable and zoomable. Google’s map service has fundamentally changed our understanding of what a map is, how we interact with maps, their technological limitations, and how they look aesthetically.”

 Well, hacking of Google Maps is seemed to be a little trick, but it could be a part of potential mishandling. Now, Weckert has identified a lack of maps, and google should work on these loopholes so that users can see real-time traffic on roads.



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