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[Video] A Reporter Visits Alibaba’s Futuristic FlyZoo Hotel



Flyzoo Hotel

A reporter visits Flyzoo hotel in China and describes its features

A well-known group Alibaba which tech giant as well holding an e-commerce platform has a future hotel that opened in Qinchengli, a shopping center, which is own by Alibaba. A reporter recently stayed at Alibaba’s futuristic FlyZoo hotel. He noted, there are no keycards and hard cash, facial recognition doors, robotic arms at the bar and robots deliver foods to guest rooms and customers. Alibaba expects this model for a hotel will be the future look.

Shocking situation

On arrival, he noticed the lobby has completely bared no gatekeeper, receptionists, and no check-in counters.

When he asked is there any real person in the hotel, Wang   (CEO of Flyzoo hotel) said yes, “AI could not function without a real person. It could only improve the service and decrease some repeat jobs. We did not cut the number of cleaners and cooks”

Reports said that It has 290 rooms, including accessible rooms, executive rooms, and deluxe rooms. The price for one night’s stay starts from 1,399 yuan ($203).

Wang said in addition to facial scanning; visitors could also use the room card and app. “There is no need to worry about the safety of opening the door. You cannot open the door using your photo. The body-check system identifies the guest by comparing the face uploaded when the guest makes a booking”, Wang added. 

“Flyzoo Hotel is Alibaba’s new travel product. The tourism industry is in urgent need of a digital transformation. We hope each business could see the direction of future digital travel from the hotel,” Wang said. 

The journalist said “It is so suitable to live in the hotel. Most of the services, including checking in and out, can be done by the Flyzoo app. Flyzoo hotel is the first of its kind in that it avoids traditional check-in and key card methods. Guests can manage reservations and make payments entirely from a mobile app. Sign in using self-service kiosks, and come in their rooms using facial-recognition technology.

I could take an elevator, enter my room, dine and go to the gym by scanning my face without calling for a waiter,”

Most of the hotel’s service staff are robots. Even the bartenders are robots. Each room has a butler called “Tmall Elf” in charge of controlling most everything in the room.


    FlyZoo hotel has 290 rooms, as well as a variety of amenities like a high-tech gym and a robot-operated restaurant.
  • It has a robot butler who was formed in Alibaba’s AI Lab and can make food and deliveries directly to rooms and at the hotel’s restaurant.
  • The FlyZoo app users can book rooms directly from their phones, where they can choose the desired floor and even the direction of their room faces.
  • That app also gives a virtual trip of each of the rooms before users make their final choice.
  • Users who are connected with the app can check-in on their phones using facial-recognition technology.
  • Tourists from outside of China who don’t have access to the mobile app can use their passport for check-in at one of the multiple kiosks located in the lobby.
  • Instead of recognized keycards, the hotel uses facial-recognition technology-based. They take images during the check-in process. By only looking into a screen, guests can access elevators and enter their room, without swiping a substantial card.




    • FlyZoo Hotel

      FlyZoo Hotel

    • Flyzoo Hotel

      Flyzoo Hotel

    • FlyZoo Hotel
    • Flyzoo Hotel
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