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Augmented Reality(AR)

Augmented Reality: McDonald’s and Coca-Cola Brand Partners for Snapchat Scan




Augmented Reality(AR)

MacDonald,s, and Coca-Cola are now brand partners for Snapchat scan search technology. Augmented Reality is an enhanced version of reality created by the use of technology. However, to overlay digital information on an image or screen, AR is an advanced version of virtual reality. US army is a simple example of AR, as they use this technology to improve situational awareness. AR is also a helpful US army to set positions according to the instruction of officials.

Snapchat Scan

MacDonald,s, and Coca-Cola are now brand partners for Snapchat scan search technology. This technology is now available for iOS devices only by enabling people to use Snapchat. People using Snapchat hold their fingers on the application’s camera screen and search for AR lenses and logos related to what the camera is focused on. After that using this feature respective logos and beverage giants are displayed.

Coca-Cola and Mcdonald’s Logo

On the other side,  In US users of iOS activate their scan feature, and on different logos. Users can scan McDonald’s logo on different products like Burger wrappers, French fry boxes, etc to use and to unlock three engaging MacDonalds AR lenses. On iOS, only a user can unlock their Lens Carousel. The Coca-Cola logo is also engaged with this feature. Above all Via Lens Carousel, Coca-Cola cans are scan and users take advantage to unlock immersive features. However, Coke Diet or any other similar product is not included in it.

Machine Learning

Snap chat’s research and development team are working with the two strategic partners to train its Machine Learning conclusion to scan their logos. on various products, its Machine learning assists Snapchat to generate high quality and good results.

Digital Content

Carolina Arguelles, marketing manager on Snap’s AR group, said in an email that the two organizations Scan steps supplement their current advertising efforts and help to extend their Digital Presence into the physical world.

She added that with the app some of the dynamic lenses unlock via Scan and through the app, this will promote Snapchatters directly. Therefore brands can drive gradual value from the digital presence they develop digital presence help to reach both existing and potential new customers.

AR Lenses

Searching for a scan allows brands to find different products. Scan help users to find their favorite brand in which they are interested. It is much helpful for other brands, while those brands can drive sales via the content which will generate by the AR lenses, therefore, Snapchatters make their profiles more effective.

Lens Studio

McDonald’s and Coca-Cola have access to some important features. Therefore after collaboration in the initiative, any brand can create a marker tech lens for free via Lens Studio, Snapchat’s public AR creation tool, and submit it to the Snapchat community for advertising purposes.

In other words, Carolina added, Turning tangible products that are a part of Snapchatters’ everyday lives into conversation starters through trending AR. It is an incredible way to connect with our audience and an important step for this new technology using Scan in this way offers so many possibilities for brands—from creating valuable moments, shareable activities, promote a piece of product information or introducing a virtual trial. We can’t wait to see what brands create and what the future holds.


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