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Bitmoji TV Series will launch in 2020




Get ready to save the world! Because Snapchat is going to announce the Bitmoji TV series in February 2020 with the global release. Your customizable Bitmoji avatars star will appear in cartoon series and it will release regularly. This feature will be unique only to Snapchat.

What is Bitmoji TV Series!

Bitmoji will appear in full-motion TV Series
If you are wondering what is this Bitmoji revolution. So forget about the strip-style comic stories and chat stickers and get ready for next-level adventures on Snapchat.

Bitmoji TV will create your full body customizable avatars as detective heroes, zombies, robots, harry potter characters, etc.

In animated series, your avatar star will appear in different characters among universal themes of stories.

Create A Story with Your Friends:

Personalized Bitmoji superstars will be into action along their friends
Your friends can also take part in short videos with scheduled releases. Bitmoji TV series will bring Snapchat in the spotlight. This is a smart move by Snapchat as users will drag their friends to use this app.

Already available stickers, stories, and games were enjoyable, but it was not like must-see content. Bitmoji Tv series will be more exciting and entertaining as everybody loves to see himself in superhero actions. Seeing yourself in animated characters is more compelling than impersonal ones.

It is not sure about the time and duration of the episode and how often they will release. Snap’s team refused to give more details before its official launch.

Snapchats’ being Unique:

This feature will catch more user attention to Snapchat.  Because of its uniqueness from other video platforms including tiktok, youtube, etc. This is a smart move to make this platform compelling and personal for healthy user turnout.

Beating the Competition:

Bitmoji TV is going to be the spotlight among other social media apps
It is a saying that “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”. Snapchat faced its imitation by other social media apps.

Snapchat’s popularity graph was rising until its unique features copied by Facebook and related apps. It had to face a tough time when Facebook introduced popular messaging features and reality filters. To compete with Snapchat’s Discover, Facebook launched its Watch and tested its version of chat stickers as well. Snapchat had to come up with unique and engaging features for its 210 Million users (daily visitors). Especially teenagers are more interested in innovative ideas.

To beat the competitors Snapchat will launch Bitmoji TV for creating original shows. Other social media apps cannot copy the Bitmoji TV series.


In 2016 Snapchat acquired Bitstrips to convert user selfies into customizable avatars worth $64.2 Million.

The Bitmoji app got a massive head start when Snapchat offered stickers as avatars. It was downloaded more than 330 million times in April (according to Sensor Tower). Later Bitstrips features were included in the main App.

Challenges for Bitmoji TV Series:

Snapchat sees it as a potential opportunity to gear-up its popularity. On the other side, Snap’s success also depends on the story of episodes.

The young generation is interested in a compelling story and quality writing. If Snap shows an avatar in boring situations then there is no value-added to previous features. So, users will start losing interest.

Teenagers are connected emotionally to superheroes. If their avatar star falls into funny situations then Bitmoji TV will face a backlash. They should hire talented writers for this purpose.

This recreation is going to be the future of video content. It has stunning features to out-do its competitors who did not pay attention to scale this idea.


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