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Bitmoji TV: Snapchat will launch a new feature soon



Bitmoji TV

Most Popular feature:

Most popular but an under-exploited feature of Snapchat finally grabbing attention in 2020. It is going to release globally in February, and your customizable Bitmoji avatar will become the star of a full-motion cartoon series called Bitmoji TV. It’s a massive evolution for Snapchat Bitmoji stories beyond the comic strip-style Stories and chat stickers where they squandered till now.

The unique Discover section of Snapchat differentiates it from all other short- film video platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, etc. As the movies over there can’t be copied, which makes Snapchat’s this feature unique.

Up till now Discover section of Snapchat could not draw the attention of viewers. The content is just like a magazine rack full of half-clothed women, other surprising content, and gross-out imagery could not deliver the quality. Now Bitmoji TV might enhance the quality of Discover.

With Bitmoji TV, your life will become more adventurous on Snapchat. Your avatar (represents you like the online user) and those of your companions will show up in routinely planned experiences going from playing the group of Star Trek spaceships to being mystery specialists to falling in love for robots or turning out to be zombies

Snapchat released a trailer that resembles the animation of Netflix’s Big Mouth.

A spokesperson of Snap stated that: “Bitmoji TV isn’t available in your network yet, but stay tuned for the global premiere soon!”

Snap understands Bitmoji importance

Snap has faced severe difficulties from the past few years, as Facebook’s apps copied its features brutally. They stole the broadcast medium from its creators, like Instagram stories. Snap copied this idea, but after the launch of Instagram stories, there was a reduction in the number of Snap users.  Facebook also used augmented reality selfie filter, short-lived messaging feature, and video watch in competition to Snapchat Discover.

A year ago, Facebook started work on Avatars and launched chat stickers for messenger in Australia. Facebook has a plan to release it globally in early 2020. But Fakebook’s slow movement, Google’s less assed entry, and Twitter’s negligence given a massive start to Snapchat’s Bitmoji.  Snap is now getting the benefit of this opportunity.


The Bitstrips were initially offered in the app for customization of the hair, face, clothes, and more avatar.  Then the app creates a comic strip for publishing. In 2016, Snap earned USD 64.2 million from Bitstrips. But when Snapchat started to offer avatars as stickers, it standalone blew up the Bitmoji.  According to Sensor Tower, it was download by 330 million times, despite Snapchat also create an avatar in the main app.  Ultimately, Snap started to expand its Bitmoji users.

During 2017, Bitmoji began to 3D videos and images by overlaying augmented reality characters on Snap. In 2018, Snap enhanced its graphics, launched the Snap kit developer platform, and Bitmoji kit. This feature assisted in building the top Snapchat login, and the user can use Bitmoji as a profile picture. Shortly they started appearing as Fitbit smartwatches faces, Venmo transaction and Snapchat sellers used it on T-shirts and mugs.  It was a good strategy to beat imitators to use real thing instead of building own knock off. This strategy was gamechanger and comeback for Snap, and share prices boost up from USD 5.79 to USD 16.09 at the start of 2019.

Emoji Stories was the smartest innovation of Snap as it was an ancestor to Bitmoji TV.  The daily stories let you capture a video in the form of brief comic strip style interaction. Sometimes, Bitmoji stories may contain basic animation, but most of the frames still have images along with text bubbles.  People use Emoji as a communication tool; however, it could start a narrative.   But even, seem underutilized.

Bitmoji TV is a further revolution:

Bitmoji TV is the further revolution of Snapchat’s Bitmoji Stories. The stories let you click the content through short funny cartoon style collaborations featuring your avatar.

Occasionally Snapchat Bitmoji Stories would contain simple animation, however most frames were images with text bubbles. Bitmoji can drive a narrative once again, rather than just being a chat tool. Still, they appear under-exploited.

In 2019, Snapchat revolutionized itself. Bitmoji has become more popular globally among youth and its millions of daily users. They’re the Kleenex or Google of cartoonish customized avatars.

Their crazy nature is also a perfect fit for Snapchat stories, and a cause they’re tough for older tech and stiffer giants to copy credibly.

In April, Snap introduced its new platform for games inside messaging feature through which you can play as your Bitmoji with your pals’ avatars. These games range from shoot-em-ups and cooking, Party ripoff Bitmoji Party to tennis competitions. For monetization of its central messaging, Snap uses ads to its games.

Last month Snap introduced branded and custom clothing for Bitmoji. This clothing might provide opportunities to earn through selling the best clothes or showing off brand sponsorships.

Experience with the Avatar:

To cash the Bitmoji’s unprecedented popularity, Snap has to build vast experiences with the avatars at the centre. Stories, Stickers, and games were fun, no doubt, but not a must-see content.

With Snapchat Bitmoji TV, Snap might have explored a feature to get users to attach their friends into the app. As everyone wants to see their Bitmoji avatar as the star, the cartoons might be much fascinating than ones with impersonal characters you could find anywhere around the web.

Nonetheless, the success of Bitmoji TV will immensely depend on the quality of the content. If your avatar is continuously getting into meme-worthy situations, funny, you’ll keep visiting the app.

However, young users of Snap are well aware of inauthentic bullsh*t. If the show weren’t able to create engaging content, Bitmoji TV would flop. Snap would have to hire the excellent Hollywood talent to create the episodes.

High-quality Bitmoji TV shorts

High-quality Bitmoji TV shorts might also recover Snapchat Discover from its mediocrity. There are few excellent brands like ESPN SportsCenter on the stage, and Snap has numerous unique Shows with up to 25 million individual followers. Snapchat also created bonus seasons of Shows like “Dead Girls Detective Agency” and fresh documentary clips from Arnold Schwarzenegger and Serena Williams. Still, a non-engaging Discover and Shows sections show various trashy clickbait that certainly alerts premium advertisers.

Bitmoji TV might present a video that’s not only stackable and fun but out of reach for opponents who don’t have a mounted avatar platform of their own.

As with the recent introduction of Snapchat Cameos, the company has recognized that the most addictive involvements centre on its users’ faces. Snapchat twisted the selfie into the future of communication. Bitmoji TV can make an animated reformation of your selfie into the upcoming content.



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