?before I commit hundreds of dollars to have a diagnosis by a specialist I might try a trans fluid change. toyota hilux surf problem I HAVE A TOYOTA HILUX SURF WITH A 1KZ-TE 3.0 TURBO DIESEL ENGINE AND ITS BEEN GIVING ME A - Toyota 1995 4Runner question WC11 Torrence CA 90509-2991 USA. We have logistics in place to deliver your required orders in a fast and efficient manner. now it moves from 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd at around 3 & 1/4 and I have lost Over drive. the issue occured about two days ago and only today have I lost O/D. Toyota HiLux Problems. You may have a brake pad situation. In the event that you still have brake fluid, this is certainly a bad fluid that you have to replace promptly.If perhaps when you press upon the brake pedal that necessitates a lot of strenght, as if you were at the health club, you likely have a concern with the brake pads. You may already know that safety for your car is certainly an very important factor. No car is perfect, but we've gathered everything relating to the Toyota HiLux reliability here to help you decide if it's a smart buy. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.© 2018 - Car Advice. It should be up to the level mark and a nice red colour, it is not worth looking for other problems until you eliminate the.Recently change the fluids, drain out the converter also., I put in original toyota transmission fluid. Worst Complaints About the Toyota Hilux. Diesel; Engine; Transmission; What is the fuel consumption for a 1999 Toyota Hilux? Toyota Customer Assistance Center 19001 S. Western Ave. Dept. Realize that in the event of a strong oscillation, it may be that the suspensions of your car are responsible, so do not just complain against the brakes!It is now obvious, there is certainly many causes of not working brake on a car. Toyota überarbeitet den Pickup Hilux und bringt den von den Fans langersehnten 2.8er-Dieselmotor aus dem Land Cruiser – mit 204 PS. This type of braking noise issue may arrive from different factors. Report a Problem. No matter the reason, tend not to wait to head over to a garage at the tiniest anxiety. If you have an account. Models; Problems; Topics; Recalls; TSBs; About. Answered by CarsGuide 28 Aug 2020. Contact Toyota. Who We … 4 Complaints; 0 Recalls; 0 Investigations; 0 TSBs; Back to Top. Vehicles. By David On Dec 9, 2017. In such a case, go back to the mechanist to modify these brake pads.The moment you press the brake of your car it commences to vibrate almost like a washing machine, you may have a concern of parallelism or a rotor problem. and how hard is it?Right, after making some calls this is what I have learnt. We have dealt the key symptoms and signs nonetheless there can be other concerns. Known causes for these issues are listed below, the remedy costs are based on the NZ dollar($1= £0.53). If your brake pads are new, it is certainly a bad assembly that causes these sounds. You may already know that safety for your car is certainly an very important factor. We suggest you to correct this issue as soon as possible, otherwise you may have a serious vehicle accident. There is no smooth gear down.Most problems with auto boxes are a lack of maintenance, I would check the fluid level and see what it looks like. The Toyota 4Runner is a compact, later mid-size sport utility vehicle produced by the Japanese manufacturer Toyota and sold throughout the world from 1984 to present. To put things into context, Diesel is $1.59/L($95 to fill my Surf), Mechanics charge $60/hr plus 15% tax and a second hand auto trans for my 94 Surf cost $2000 plus labour.Buggered thermostat - $20 + fitting,Bad temp sensor or sensor conection - $100 + fitting,Low/old Trans fluid - $110 for fluid,Stuffed ECU - $600 + fitting,Bad earthing - trained eye,wear and tare - $300 for service or $2000 to replace,Hi I have a 96 Toyota surf kn185 I've just started having problems with my transmission sometimes pulling away from a stop sign or traffic lights I'll put my foot down to take off and the rev counter will go up to 2500 rev then all of a sudden click in to gear then takes off its like it  neutralises it self I've changed transmission filter and transmission fluid twice in the last 6 months i flushed transmission both times and.I have land cruiser with 1kz engine sometimes don't change gears and stops pulling but engine while running and the ATF looks dark,what can be a problem?You can post now and register later.