Of course, it's true glory days were with the rest.Although this car is quite popular and will always have a certain Hollywood draw to it, there's no way to deny that it really is a terrible car, and an even worse muscle car. Ford Galaxie Our picks for the best new muscle cars of 2020 certainly check that box. And no matter how big the name, it didn't change that fact.This Mustang looks a lot more like a typical Sedan of its day, rather than a muscle car. Straight out of the golden age of muscle cars. If you could even find one anymore, this car had horrible problems with rust.Sources: carsdirect.com, gentemansgazette.com, hemmings.com.Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment and crazy facts.The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer.A fresh take on sports: the biggest news and most entertaining lists.These Are The Fastest Motorcycles Ever Produced,These Photos Prove That Some People Should Stay Away From Bike Mods,These Are The Best EVs You Can Buy In 2020,2020 Ram Rebel & 9 Other Great Pickup Trucks For Off-Roading,5 Classic Motorcycles That'll Run Forever (5 That Will Leave You Stranded),Ranking The Most Badass Muscle Cars Of The 60s,10 Discontinued Motorcycles We'd Like To See Back In Production,5 Cars That Prove Ferrari Is Supercar Royalty (5 Lamborghinis That Dethroned Them),5 Things We Love About The New 2021 Chevy Tahoe (5 We Hate),These Classic Muscle Cars Are More Expensive Than Modern Sports Cars,5 Pickup Trucks Built To Be Lifted (5 That Are Meant To Be Slammed),10 Weird And Wonderful German Cars That Nobody Remembers,These Limousine Conversions Are Beyond Bad,Here Are The 10 Least Desirable Mustangs Ever,5 Awesome Cars With Automatic Transmissions (5 Manual Cars We'd Rather Drive),These Are The Coolest Supercars Driven By Celebs,10 Classic Cars That Should Be Way More Expensive,These Pontiacs Are Modified To Perfection.

For over half a century, muscle cars have earned a place in the hearts of drivers and non-drivers alike. This build is especially nice, in near mint condition.But its looks and performance made this Plymouth a bit extra special, which is why it's worth so much more today.Depending on the condition of the Corvette, these classic muscle cars can sell for phenomenal amounts of money. The Dodge Challenger was truly in its glory days during the height of muscle cars. Like this Dodge Challenger.Another giant of the muscle car world, the Pontiac Firebird will always be a worthwhile investment, whether you want a true classic to restore, to get the taste of the glory days, or if you're a collector of classic muscle cars.The Firebird was a powerful, far-reaching car. Of course, nowadays, to buy one will cost you anywhere from 25-90 thousand dollars.The AMC Javelin is kind of a cult classic when it comes to classic muscle cars. It may not be the first, or the most original, or the truest to its roots, but by popularity, this car will try to take first place, every time. Alongside the muscle cars and sports sedans in our comparison of the Fastest Cars for the Money, the Bolt has one of the highest performance scores.

They are usually seen as two-door American coupes that are loud and stuffed with more raw power than they know what to do with. With a puny 139 horsepower engine to move this giant bucket of steel, all magic was lost on this Mustang Stallion, and most from this era.Definitely one of the more cool looking muscle cars of the day, the Plymouth Barracuda is a mad machine worth your time, and your money. It's a subjective term, but one thing a muscle car needs is power—and plenty of it. It's much less popular than the heavyweight giants like Challenger, Corvette, or Camaro, but it's no less capable, some might argue it's more of a classic than the others.It's got the kind styling that isn't dated at all, like some muscle cars, it just has a certain retro timeless quality that I personally like a lot. And the reason is because of how much of a success and classic the original became. And it's no wonder, when you start to dismantle why.It was an instant classic, and it not only embodied the spirit of muscle cars, but the spirit of the people at the time, and it did it with more power and performance that a lot of others.The Chevrolet Chevelle remains a classic down to this day, a kind of secondary standby. Muscle cars are synonymous with American driving culture. Muscle cars really began in 1949, with a sudden demand for faster cars. An icon for the ages, one of the true heavyweights of the muscle car world.The Camaro is one of the best muscle cars money can buy, in any of its golden age incarnations. This article is going to look at 10 muscle cars worth owning, and 10 not worth your time.The world of muscle cars is a fascinating, unique and quite a big world, filled with drag races, summer nights, crazy fun, wide open American roads, and a kind of camaraderie you can't find very many places.