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Charmin Debuts Toilet Roll Delivery “RollBot” at CES 2020



Charmin Debuts Toilet Roll Delivery "RollBot" at CES 2020

Robotics is an emerging field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Robotics deals with the conception, design, production and performance of the robots. Moreover, the sector interconnects computer systems to deal with control over robots. Robots are proving human substitutes and are replicating human actions. Robots are now available for industrial manufacturing, military use, construction, and agricultural tasks. Moreover, robots also serve in entertainment, therapy, education, or many household chores. For instance, RollBot, a tiny robot displayed by Charmin – toilet roll maker at CES 2020, presents an innovative bathroom solution.

Charmin unveils the RollBot at CES 2020:

“RollBot” is a self-balancing robot with a teddy bear face. It brings fresh toilet paper rolls to bathroom users using a smartphone app. Charmin, toilet paper maker company, unveiled the robot at CES 2020 consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, United States.

RollBot – a bathroom solution:

Every human visit toilet every day of life and spend time there. The time calculated that we spend on the pot cover the years of our lives. Charmin exhibits a wide range of bathroom solutions based on newer technology to make that period more comfortable for us. The company designed the RollBot to solve a common household problem: when you realize that you are out of toilet tissue in the middle of a bathroom break. The tiny, two-wheeled droid come up with a fresh toilet roll on command.

RollBot, a Challenging gadget:

No doubt, RollBot is a fantastic gadget which has no hands, thumbs and arms. But it is surprising to think that how it would bring a fresh roll out from a cupboard without hands and arms? Also, it would be astonishing to know how it will open the locked bathroom door to bring the tissue roll to you. Setting aside the mechanism, RollBot is indeed presenting a significant challenge to CES 2021 and beyond.

Golab, RollBot inventor:

RollBot is an excellent example of how technology benefits our health and well-being. It is a product of Golab, the latest marketing innovation. Golab gets its commission from Charmin. Charmin is a toilet paper and tissue brand owned by Procter and Gamble (P&G). The brand is best known for its creative and humorous marketing acts.

“SmellSense”-foul odour detector:

A filthy odour sensor named “SmellSense” accompanies the RollBot at the CES 2020 show. The electronic device warns the users when a bathroom is malodorous and also alerts when this unpleasant smell has dissipated. The “no go” and “good to go” indicator of SmellSense is because it can detect carbon dioxide or hydrogen sulphide in the air.

AR V.I.PEE, a virtual reality device:

AR V.I.PEE, a virtual reality device, joins the RollBot and SmellSense technology. This port-a-potty device has an Oculus Rift S virtual reality (VR) headset for use in bathrooms at sporting events or concerts. The VR headset allows the customer to escape metaphysically into a live concert while in the bathroom. So the customer would not miss anything going during the show even when one has to go.


RollBot won the attention of many viewers at the technology show in Las Vegas. It also gained more attention in the press and on social media, rendering a challenge to futuristic innovations.

None of these stunning gadgets will go on sale. It seems that Charmin is advertising its toilet paper to increase trade, not robots.



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