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Chatbot Meena: More Engaging In A Genuine, Human Conversations



While there is more than 300,000 active chatbot live to find on Facebook Messenger now. As a functional option, chatbots never really attained any resistance as Facebook might expect.

After launching its bot platform, Facebook visualized a comprehensive future for Messenger bots. It is a model based on the success of the same tools as in the Chinese market. They introduce some expanded functionality. Earlier Messenger Boss David Marcus (now in charge of its Libra cryptocurrency) stated that Messenger bots would “eclipse Clippy origins and plead to the masses”.

The main problem is that it seems that through Messenger, people do not like and warmed to engage with robots or brands commonly. But generally, there they engage and speak with their friends more comfortably. Another crucial issue could be that the founding bots themselves aren’t very compelling and engaging.

When you talk to your home speaking device, and you able to understand. The device itself having no capability to know what you are saying. But you hear the exact right when you say the exact right thing.

It is a central problem that is addressed by each bot and AI developer. Recently, Google has shown a glance at the possible way towards ahead by introducing a new bot system called Google chatbots that they develop. It can able to recognize critically more ways of conversation and organize a discussion with you to virtually at a human degree.

As google says

“Current chatbots are containing many critical flaws and many times; they do not make sense. Sometimes, they say things that are irrelevant to the current topic or insufficient common sense and lack of basic information about the world. Furthermore, chatbots often give a reply that is not particular to the ongoing context.”

Google Chatbot “Meena.”

To solve this problem, Google has built a new chatbot model named Meena, which instructed on a “2.6 billion parameter and throughout trained on neuronic conversational model”.  And it also can organize conversations that are more realistic and relevant than existing bots.

Meena’s performance is near to the human conversation level said by Google. The results are evaluated based on a parameter called “Sensibleness and Specificity Average (SSA)”. It captures “basic but vital attributes for human conversation”. Google states that their Meena model outstrips all other choices in the market. And it arises to the general human level.

It could be an essential evolution for bot use. If bots can conduct more real conversations that could make them more appealing and better adoption either via originality or possibility. The later would be the critical force to strengthen bot usage. But the advancement shows that still, bots are a significant offering so far. In the future, we may see bots talks with us in engaging, realistic and reactive ways, just like  Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit.

Will that guide to the massive adoption of tools similar to Messenger bots?

Indeed, it is impossible to say, but it is worthly noted that in future bot evolution would occur on the horizon. And it could play a role in the development of your digital marketing.

Google’s chatbot Meena is not available yet because some work still needs to be done. However, the bot system is evolving and make the bot more significant, both for businesses and consumers.


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