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China Vows to Become Space Super power After Successful Launch of Long March 5



Long march 5

China has successfully launched its Long March 5 rocket in a breakthrough to explore the outer world. This mission is a key part of space exploration to reach Mars and set footprints there as one of the major powers of the world. 

The largest rocket blasted off from the Island Province of Hainan on Friday at 8:45 pm and reached its predetermined orbit after 15 minutes, according to a live broadcast from CCTV.

Long March 5: A Step Forward in Mission

  • Carrier rocket can carry a heavy load of satellites in space exploration missions. It can carry a payload of 25 tonnes to its target.
  • Heavy lift Long March 5 was carrying a communication satellite named as Shijian 20. Shijian 20 was a test satellite and successfully deployed into its predetermined orbit by china’s largest rocket.
  • The Shijian 20 satellite will help to boost internet speed, quality, and access to more television channels.
  • China,s official news agency reported that “After more than 2,000 seconds, the Shijian 20 satellite set into its predetermined orbit.” It also stated that the rocket launch “tests key technologies related to future space missions.”
  • The China National space administration was utterly satisfying with the test launch and stated that “mission was a complete success.”

        Future Space Targets:

    • China aims to set up a crewed space station by 2022 and a Red Planet next year. As stated by the deputy head of China’s national space station, Wanyanhua, “The Long March 5 rocket tasked to perform important missions. It will be tasked with a series of key missions, including launching China’s first Mars probe, the Chang’ e-5 lunar probe, and a core module for the human-crewed space station.”
    • Chinese people appreciated this rocket launch as millions of people watched the live stream and posted videos on China’s social media.”Fat Five” is the nickname given to Long March 5 became a top trend on Weibo (twitter-like social media app).
    • China faced a setback on a previous rocket launch attempt in July 2017. Because the Long March 5 Y2, the former model to put test satellites into its orbit, malfunctioned just after 6 minutes of its launch. This failure slowed down the space mission to collect Lunar samples.
    • China’s first Long March 5 launch was a success. At that time, China believed that it was the most powerful test rocket they have developed.

          China has invested Large Sum on Space Adventures:

      • Not only China but other powerful countries of the world are investing billions of dollars in space programs to affirm their status. While the other two major countries are the US and Russia. According to NASA, Russia’s Proton-M and US-made Delta IV Heavy are potent rockets capable of carrying a heavy load.
      • China has been expanding its budget on space ambitions to rival its competitors. Now it spends more than Russia and Japan on its space programs.
      • It is noteworthy that China became the 3rd country to launch a human into space in 2003.
      • China has also successfully launched March 4B, an X-ray telescope in space to study black holes, pulsars, and gamma-ray bursts.
      • China became the 1st nation to land a robotic spacecraft on the dark side of the moon in January 2019. Its un-crewed Chang’ e 4 (named after Moon Goddess in Chinese mythology) was also a significant success. It was capable of analyzing the geography of an unexplored region of the moon.
      • In October 2019, China displayed the picture of its mars explorer ready to set up on Red Planet. A private company has also established a mock Mars based-space station at Gobi Desert.
      • China is ambitious to have a crewed space station on Mars in the year 2022.
      • The Tiangong — or “Heavenly Palace” — is ready to replace the International Space Station in 2024.

           Space Race:

        • Space ambitions of China and their continuous successes have alarmed the powerful countries. That’s why the US fears it will threaten their power in the space station. President Donald Trump called it “the world’s newest warfighting domain.” And White House has recently announced the creation of “Space Force.”

        China is advancing in its space launch technologies, and it also serves a massive success for the ruling communist party in Beijing.


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