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Facebook is rolling out it’s ‘Automatic Approvals’ feature



Facebook is consistently improving the platform to facilitate its users as much as possible. They introduce new ways to create convenience for facebook users. This time as Automatic Approvals for groups. Whether you use the desktop site or facebook app.

They are constantly innovating and bringing new features through updates. Facebook groups are a great source of information, entertainment, social interactions. Nowadays many people are generating business leads using Facebook Group.

There is plenty of groups that do not require prior approval to join them. however, many groups require prior approval from group admin for you to join that group. These approvals can take several minutes or several days.

The good news is that Facebook has introduced a new Automatic approval system in Facebook groups. This allows users to get automatic approval when they join groups. It is convenient for new group members to join the group as well as the management to give approval to the new group members.

Group Admins Can Turn On The Automatic Approvals.

This allows admins or moderators to approve member requests before someone can join the group. Group admins can setup their requirements to give automatic approval to the newly joining member.
These requirements can vary depending on the group’s needs. You can ask multiple questions that member has to answers or you can allow approval for users living in a specific area or location.

Facebook allows a new member who already has at least one mutual friend in the group. Once these requirements are set by the group management. The new group members have to fulfill all the requirements to join the group. They must answer all the questions and fulfill the given cities for joining the group.

Faster Way to Approve Members.

Group admins can review all the automatically join members using this automatic approval system later on. They can keep or remove members if they want to at any time. Automatic approvals are a faster way to approve members and they can be added quickly. It will be a very useful feature where the group admins have a tighter schedule or get a lot of member joining requests. Which can become a problematic and time-consuming issue?
Apart from the group admins it also benefits the members they do not have to wait in the long list of approvals. They can simply fill up some basic requirements for a specific group. And join instantly by the fulfillment group’s requirements of course.


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  1. Muhammad Naseer Aslam

    January 1, 2020 at 9:53 am

    It’s really Usefull information for the users and specially for the group admins. They must set specific & to the point group approval requirements, so that the new member’s will not be irritated from lot of questions by group admins.

    • zeeshan Kamoka

      January 1, 2020 at 11:07 am

      A group admin can still review it whenever they came online, but ye its very convenient for users they don’t have to wait for admin to come online.

  2. Nouman Iftikhar

    January 1, 2020 at 11:52 pm

    This feature was introduced long ago in many online games. For example, to join a guild or an alliance, a player must have certain attributes like player_level, total_kills, game_points etc. Now, this feature will help group admins to automatically approve guests having certain profile features. What I foresee, this feature will help facebook business groups to invite or approve only area-specific, age_specific or geneder-specific profiles (orchestrating local SMO).

    • zeeshan Kamoka

      January 2, 2020 at 1:50 am

      Yes absolutely this feature is great help for group admins they don’t have to stay online all the time for approval of new members.

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