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Facebook pursues music video rights: Big clash with YouTube



Facebook is going to take music video rights as YouTube has. It has made a deal with some big record companies like Warner music group, Sony music group, universal music group. The reason to do this is to boost user interest in watch video services of Facebook. Facebook Watch video service launched in August 2017. That time Facebook desires to increase their income from their new audience because Facebook was not adding many more in user key ad markets. So they introduce this feature, but it didn’t work well, having some persistent itchy red notification dot over the watch icon. The company went 26% down in 2018 due to it, and even the company warned marketers to have slow revenue growth from it.

Till now, Facebook has a deal that lets users upload videos having background music like a video of any marriage or birthday party. Now they are making a deal to upload official music videos that will make more hits for music.

Facebook music video rights are ready to mount a real challenge to YouTube

YouTubers have many problems with YouTube Company, as many of their rights are not fulfilled properly. YouTubers or the music companies need some platform that will pay them according to their work. YouTube music copyright issues are also not resolving. For this reason, some music companies are itching Facebook to build Facebook watch as their desired platform. It will be a big shit for YouTube.

Facebook and Instagram have 2 billion and 1 billion users, respectively. But both didn’t have such a video portal has YouTube has. Getting rights from music video companies will overcome this difference to a great extent.

Difference between IGTV and Facebook watch

IGTV launched in August 2018, has an immense popularity. Facebook Watch video service began a year before IGTV, but the popularity aspects are very much down.

  • Not any hike in popularity is because of Facebook ads; meanwhile, IGTV is ad-free.
  • IGTV has vertical video content on full screen, as users used their phone, but Facebook watch offers landscape video content that is mostly not a friendly act.
  • Facebook has a video length limit of 240 minutes while IGTV has a maximum of up to 10 minutes that will not construct users mind bored.  

    Frequently asked questions

    Ans: When you are posting a video on IGTV, toggle on “Make visible on the Facebook page” button. By doing this, your video will be posted to both platforms.
    Ans: It depends on the product you are desire to market and how’s about the audience who are going to see your video. If video is exceeding 10 minutes, then post on Facebook. If your video has high-quality vertical content, then post on Instagram or if landscape then post on Facebook.
    Ans: The direct link of YouTube can’t be open on Facebook, and neither link can be embedded. If you want to make a post of YouTube video first, you have to download it by then upload it on YouTube.



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