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Facebook Security Issues 2018



Facebook Security Issue 2019

This information revealed in the past year 2018 that facebook accesses your location, either you are offline or online. If your situation is off for the app, Facebook agreed and confirmed this information in a letter to two senators.
Furthermore, Facebook also says that it uses three methods to track the location of its user, only one of which needs location services. While speakers to senators Christopher A coons and josh Hawley that it can also check and look at users activity

The Hill saw the letter

When someone does not enable location service, Facebook can understand their location-based information. They provided through different activities like check-in, status & tags, etc. For example, if someone interested in the event upcoming and tagged by a friend or check-in a hotel, all these activities and actions give us information about his or her expected location. similarly when a user shares a location to a place in the market or updating their address information to their profile.

Ip Address

For getting imprecise and inaccurate location, facebook uses an IP address. Finally to get the rough or formal place
Each device connected to the internet is associated with an IP address that allows us to know about sent data and receive data from a device and identifies its particular connection. The IP address also helps to see where the method is on and its location on the internet. Wherever a user will receive any message or data/information, the device which is connected necessarily transfers the address, and a quick location will identify.

While talking about mobile devices IP address assigned by a wireless carrier reflecting only the area or city where internet is on at the device. It is also a reason that IP addresses considered in a precise way of understanding accurate location.

Accurate location Facebook

Both senators criticized organizations’ responses that, for the sake of facebook ads and sponsorship locations. Will use to get audiences proper audience and organizations believe is that it’s a reasonable and authentic way to promote someone’s business.
The head of the committee’s tech task force Coons Called Facebook efforts “inappropriate and misleading.”
” Users are connected and agree with the company policy of privacy. But the reality is users have no option to restrict Facebook from collecting their personal information. Its also monetizing their location information for their use.

Facebook Security

Coons said, “The American national deserve to know how these big tech companies use their data to gain benefits. I will profoundly engage and put my constant efforts to find a way to protect American”.
Hawley, who continuously criticizes Facebook. Recently conducted a sitting for an hour with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. There is no reasonable choice. No control over personal information of big tech. In this regard, Congress needs to take serious action against them.

Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

Facebook is also facing a robust Federal Trade Commission (FTC) injunction on sharing data among different apps.
Another big company Apple also faces privacy controversy recently over the iPhone 11 to collect location data. All iOS services are location-based disabled. Still, later they explained and promised a new toggle. The iPhone maker defended the use of secure encryption to protect its devices in response to threats by the senate judiciary committee.


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