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For COVID-19, Pakistan Has Decided to Serve Itlay by Donating Medicine



For COVID-19, Pakistan Has Decided to Serve Itlay by Donating Medicine

Chloroquine medicine is a very useful medicine against the treatment of Coronavirus. For the treatment purpose, Pakistan is donating medicine to Italy, the most affected county of the world. It is one of the worst-hit countries by the COVID-19 attack. Pakistan has decided to donate about 500,000 tablets of Chloroquine to Italy. According to the Army Chief of Staff, General Qamar Javed Bajwa, Local Armed Forces will provide the medications facility to the Italian government.

It was officially announced after the visit of Pakistani Minister of Foreign Affairs, Shah Mahmood Qureshi, to the Italian embassy in Islamabad. However, Pakistan took this step to support the commitment made by the government of Italy. That will inspire its action as the epidemic, COVID-19 is also increasing in Pakistan also.  Italian government ensures their people to stand with them in these difficult circumstances. It also reflects the solidarity and friendship with Italy.

Di Maio’s Statement about Pakistan

Italian Minister Di Maio appreciated this step taken by the Pakistani government to donate Chloroquine medicine to Italy.

He stated,
“Italy, even more, appreciates the Pakistani contribution of medicines used for the treatment of COVID-19 at a time when Pakistan is also gradually experiencing a severe increase in the number of infections that is up to about 900 in a few days, with six deaths so far. The surge in contagion has led to the closure of large areas of the national territory in the last few hours and the precautionary closure of many activities”.

Chloroquine Potentials Against COVID-19

Chloroquine and Hydroxy-chloroquine is an antimalarial drug. However, it also has the potential to fight against the Coronavirus. According to US President Donald Trump, it is a “gift from God”. It remains very useful in the labs against severe acute respiratory syndrome-like coronaviruses. It also includes the SARS strain that causes COVID-19. During the trails in China, they observed that this medicine showed safety against COVID-19-associated pneumonia.


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