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Hiro-chan: A Relaxing Faceless Robot Baby For elders



This relaxing robot for elders grows more emotional influences from not having a face


Vstone said that giving Hiro-chan a face would make the robot much less emotionally fulfilling and convincing. This innovative robot is Hiro-chan.  Vstone, a Japanese robotics corporation famous for manufacturing a range of entirely healthy hobby and educational robotics parts and kits created it. Hiro-chan is not altogether normal, as it very clearly does not have a face. Vstone describes Hiro-chan as a “healing communication device.” Furthermore, while the entire faceless feature is indeed strange. There is a cause for it, which predictably contains Hiroshi Ishiguro and their ATR Lab.

Why no Face?

So what’s the reason that the robot didn’t have a face? As the functionality of the robot depends on you, letting it go from happy to sad.

Vstone stated that the robot with the face (and a permanent expression) would mark that emotionally fulfilling and much less convincing—the robot would have the “wrong” appearance half the time. As a substitute, the user can listen to Hiro-chan’s audio hints and visualize a face or not. Either way, the Strange Valley outcome is avoided (given that you can acquire over the entire absence of face, which I individually couldn’t). Moreover, the price of the robot is low as there’s no requirement for a display.

This idea that a user might project or imagine emotions and features onto a robot as elongated as it offers a blank enough tab came from Hiroshi Ishiguro with Telenoid. Additionally, trailed by Hugvie and Elfoid. However, Elfoid and Telenoid did have faces. Those faces aimed to look neither old nor young. Moreover, gender also didn’t mention.

 Easier Communication

Peoples communicate through Telenoid or Elfoid; the robot makes it more comfortable for a user to imagine who is on another end or gives you an idea. With the cooperation of Hidenobu Sumioka, a leading media group “Presence Media Research Group,” Hiro Chan was developed at Hiroshi Ishiguro Laboratory, ATR.

According to Vstone the missing face probably makes it user-friendly robot and initial tests during design and development revealed that the robots without face were as friendly as the robots with a face. Users can make it beautiful by customizing its appearance by clothing.  Vstone will provide and suggest some design after the release of Hiro Chan. The salient features of the robot are AA batteries as a power source; on-off switch and volume control. Moreover, the FAQs suggest that it may include emotions like a laugh.

Helpful for Senior Citizens In Nursing Home

Vstone also urged that Hiro Chan could help senior citizens in nursing homes at the cost of 55,00 JPY, which is nearly about USD 50.  During the test run in nursing homes, the Hiro Chan communicated with peoples who did not or less respond to the nursing home staff. Suddenly they started crying when the robot started crying or when it laughs, they laugh. Even when Hiro Chan laughs, there was a smile on the face of people.

The introduction of Hiro Chan can heal the user but also reducing the nursing staff at the facility. It sounds like a great idea.




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