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Horror Writer Stephen King has Quit Facebook



Stephen King, the best-known person for horror fiction, including Carrie and The Shining, has recently announced that he is abandoning Facebook. He tweeted that he deleted social media like Facebook because of misinformation and Facebook’s inability to care for the privacy of the user.

King’s statement comes at a time when the social network is being attacked from all corners for its inability to protect user data after multiple scandals and data breaches. Facebook is also facing criticism after continuing to take political adverts when rivals such as Twitter stopped last year over the spread of misinformation.

Already many celebrities are quitting Facebook

Stephen King

Stephen King

Stephen King is just the latest celebrity who deleted his Facebook account. Other personalities who have left the social network including Cher, a pop singer, Mark Hamill Star, Will Ferrell actors, and Elon Musk, a well-known wealthy businessman.

Not only celebrities are leaving Facebook, but other people are also doing so due to privacy issues. The social network’s active users are continually falling. So, even if users haven’t quit Facebook, they have stopped posting, and their engagement is regularly reducing.

Why should you abandon Facebook too?

  • Scandals related to Facebook are continuing to mount. In 2018, social networks came under huge inquiry around the time of the Cambridge Analytical revelations. Over the last two years, It has also been the subject of several data breaches.
  • Last year, another reason to delete Facebook was Facebook’s Messenger voice to text functionality, when it appeared that workers were listening to recordings.
  • Facebook Messenger itself is not a protected approach to communicate with friends because it is not end-to-end encrypted like other social platforms. Facebook was joining in its backup with WhatsApp and said that it would end-to-end encrypt Messenger, but these strategies appear to be late indeterminately.
  • Facebook’s Facial recognition technology was under the same concern. The company agreed to pay $500 million to the user group of Facebook, who said that the firm’s facial recognition tool is involved in the violation of privacy terms and conditions.
  • In the interim, last year, it appeared that Facebook had tried a terrifying facial recognition app on their friends and employees.

    You can say you will protect your Facebook account, but in reality, this is very hard to do. Take, for example, the new tool of Off-Facebook Activity, which the social network says shows you how you are being chased online. This supports to some extent, but the social network will still be collecting your private data.



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