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Hydraloop wins best of the best award in CES 2020.



hydraloop wins CES

Consumer electronics show is a mega event that took place in Las Vegas on the 9th of January 2020. In this event, about 4400 exhibitors took part and attracted 170000 visitors worldwide. A website Engadget arranged Best of CES awards in which a Dutch company Hydraloop wins award in three categories.

  • Best of the best award
  • Best startup award
  • The Best ustainability award

    Hydraloop wins award because they are working on this idea for the last ten years. It is a result of a lot of research and developmental work. This system is very easy to use, affordable and needs very low maintenance. Hence, it resolves all issues related to water purification without compromising convenience over hygiene.

    In 2017 they introduced their first product that not only can recycle about 85% of domestic water but also disinfects it. It reuse this water in toilet flushes, gardens, and swimming pools.


    • lessens water consumption by 45%
    • Reduce sewage emission with 45%
    • Decrease carbon footprint with 6%
    • Lower energy consumption by 600KWh
    • Reduction in water and energy bills


      Old systems used membranes and filters for the treatment of water. These filters usually clog and need a lot of maintenance, but Hydraloop is a unique and patent water recycle system that removes dirt, soap, pollutants, and bacteria.

      It is a combination of five technologies that include sedimentation, floatation, dissolved air floatation, foam fractionation, and aerobic reactor. Another technology is also involved which uses UV light to disinfect water.

      This technology and is internationally protecting and operates with an application on your mobile phone. It monitors all components within the Hydraloop system and automatically switches to backup water (primary storage, rainfall) in case of any abnormality in the system. If any abnormal activity is detected, it sends precautionary measures in the form of notification to the application installer. Hydraloop water is inspected by PIA, KIWA, and TIC and they issued clearance certificates.

      Need for this solution:

      According to the CEO of Hydraloop, they started this project as people use water inadequately. Although, Water consumption is much more than the water our ecosystem produces. Freshwater is renewable only in the form of rain which is insufficient.

      The world population will rise to 10 billion in the next 30 years and we are already running short of water. In the time of deficiency of water, innovations like Hydraloop is the only way to curb the increasing demand for water. Besides, it is ridiculous that we flush out the toilets, wash clothes and irrigate with drinking water even in this time of eco-crisis.

      This product is available in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Secondly, in the next half of 2020, the company will start delivering it to the US. Its estimated cost in the US will be $4000, excluding tax.


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