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Messenger Kids Launched in 2017 after consultation with thousands of parents, parenting organizations, child safety advocates and child development specialists about the requirement for a messaging app. It allows kids to have fun linking with friends and family while giving parents control over the involvement. With two out of three parents desiring they had more controller over their kids’ online experiences. We have constant at our discussion with parents and experts. All around the world to confirm that we are providing a messaging app that operates for families.

Today, we’re declaring extra tools and features for parents to control their child’s experience in Messenger Kids, and updating our privacy policy. Parents can admittance these new features in the Messenger Kids. Parent Dashboard in the Facebook iOS and Android apps to improved and appreciate how their child is spending the app.

“Facebook does a great job of corresponding features that both carry the correct information to gives parents in the link about their child’s use of Messenger Kids. It also allows children to have fun and learn digital learning skills. It’s significant to provide parents the power to achieve their child’s experience. It is like to see what images and videos their children are transfer and getting. It is good to get Facebook to give additional information without overwhelming parents with too much detail.”

Larry Magid, Internet safety advocate and CEO of ConnectSafely is a nonprofit internet safety organization that receives support from Facebook and other tech companies. ConnectSafely also serves as a member of Facebook’s safety advisory board and receives an honorarium in appreciation of their time and expertise.

Recent Contacts and Chat History:

See whom your child is linking with whether they are video chatting or delivering messages and how regularly those conversations take place over the past 30 days.

Log of Images in Chats:

See the most recent updates of photos and videos of your child has directed and received in their inbox. If you trust an image or video is not suitable for your child you can confiscate it from your child’s message strand and report it.

Reported and Blocked Contacts History:

Contact with a list of the reporting and blocking actions of your child has engaged in the app. You will get a list of the contacts of your child has blocked and/or unblocked. if they have conveyed any messages as well as any friends they’ve reported and the motive for their action. Parents will remain to be alerted via Messenger if their child blocks or reports someone.

Remote Device Logout:

See all apps where your child is logging in to Messenger Kids and log out of the app on any app through the Parent Dashboard. Note: This characteristic is not a concern to manage when kids have a link to the app and try to fix sleep mood for that.)

Download Your Child’s Information:

Appeal for a copy of your child’s Messenger Kids statistics relates to how you can download your own from the Facebook app. The download will contain a list of your child’s contacts as well as the messages images and videos they have to get and deliver. Your child will notify through the Messenger Kids app when you request this information. You can reach the Parent Dashboard and all these new characteristics by beating the shortcut menu in the Facebook app and scroll out to the Messenger Kids icon. If you have multiple kids keeping Messenger Kids, choose the name of the child that account you had like to control and access their specific dashboard.

A New Way to Block:

We have updated the methods kids block contacts in Messenger Kids provide them an easy way to control whom they attach with. Kids can now unblock a blocked contact on their own. If they use to restart one-on-one chats with them and chats with blocked contacts will remain in the Messenger Parents remain in control of who they are a child is connected to in Messenger Kids and can clear people from their child’s friend list at any time. To gain more information on how blocking works in Messenger Kid visits the Help Center.

Helping Kids Understand How Their Information Is Used:

As kids initiate to use technology. we consider it’s significant to aid them and understand how their knowledge is using and share. That is why we produce an in-app activity. Therefore make kid-appropriate language to instruct kids on the kinds of information people can see about them. For example, we consider kids that people they identify may see their name and photo that parents can want and download their messaging content. They are not capable to delete any messages they send or get. Similar to any app Messenger Kids needs data to manages basic functions such as to show later messages in the chat. Put the latest contacts at the top of the contact list. See the devices used to log in to a child’s Messenger Kids account.

Privacy Policy Update:

When you indicate Messenger Kids parents believe us to guard their children’s data and privacy. we take that concern seriously. We have launches the Messenger Kids privacy policy to contain extra information about our data collection. Use share retention and deletion practices.

  • The updated policy tells our privacy lesson with relates to the new features and improvements. We have further taken to Messenger Kids such as new controls and visibility in the Parent Dashboard.

 In addition to the new characteristics:

We are declaring today the updated privacy policy defines some things we suppose to roll out later. For example, we plan to permit Messenger Kids to give feedback directly to the app. When approximately isn’t working and run user surveys to help improve product features. Parents also have known us they need more options when they regulate their child is complete for more control and responsibility. So the updated policy explains some forthcoming new choices for parents on how their child can use the app. We will remain to consult with parents and specialists and we’ll share more about those features when they launch.

  • There are a number of problems that can not change with the new features and updated privacy policy. For example, we can not change our services that relate to sharing information with third parties. The privacy policy proceeds to make it clear. Now with even greater clearness we only share knowledge with service providers for the prospectus of working the Messenger Kids service. We need them to adhere to stringent data confidentiality and security obligation. It works with them on things like reviewing and talking about reported issues from our users.
  • These updates are part of our current hard work to give more transparency. It helps people to better understand how our services work. Parents will have 90 days to review and accept the new privacy policy and we powerfully reassure them to review the updates with their kids.


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