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[Method] Writing and Launching Your First Amazon Kindle Book in 2 Days



 What’s the point in writing a Kindle book in two days? And can it be done? Furthermore, wouldn’t it just be a pile of rubbish?


 Kindle books are hot. I buy them. You probably buy them. It’s so easy… You search Amazon, and you find a book you want, and one click, and it’s yours. It has never been easier to buy books. And it has never been easier to sell books, either.

 Just a few years ago, you had to find a publisher who would be willing to invest a huge sum of money in your book. And if it was your first, it would be very hard to find such a publisher. Even JK Rawlings received a lot of rejection slips.

 Now? You just publish your Kindle book for free. And the whole world can find it through Amazon’s popular webshop. If you want to sell books, there’s no way around Kindle.

 There’s some kind of myth saying that if you finish a job fast, then it’s lousy work. That’s not true when it comes to writing. The more inspired you are, the better AND faster you write.  This is why I’m here to tell you how you can write faster and better and get your Kindle book written in two days.

Maybe even less…

How many words are we aiming at here?  There are plenty of best-sellers on Amazon containing very few pages and being sold at prices of 0.99 and up.  We’re aiming at 5,000 words (more is better of course), which should transform into around 25 pages.

 You might price it lower, especially if it’s your first book, but the general aim is also to be able to price the book at $2.99. Because from that price and up to $9.99, Amazon offers you 70% royalties. This is unheard of elsewhere. Before Kindle books, you should count yourself happy, if you could get 15% royalty. But even pricing your book at $0.99 will bring in 35% royalties.

In other words: You have the choice between good and better.








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