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“Misleading Information” is Banned By TikTok



No More Misleading Information

ByteDance is the developer of TikTok, a social network that serves video sharing. On Wednesday, TikTok banned ‘misleading information’. This information may lead to inconvenience for its users and for the community too. Facebook says that it would not act as an assistant referee for any issue. Thus, TikTok separated itself from the competitors.

Statement by ByteDance about Misleading Information

ByteDance, the Chinese tech company, updated its rules to provide users with comfort to use the app. They reconsider the rules and gave the statement that is, ‘’We remove misleading information that could cause harm to an individual’s health and wide public safety. We also removed content distributed by disinformation campaigns.’’

Every social network has rules and regulations about misinformative and misleading content. Therefore, TikTok also had these rules pointing just fraud warnings, giving fake information about identity, wrong way to earn money and many more in previous rules. But now they added misleading information campaigns.

No Relaxation for Rule Breakers

TikTok showed no room of relaxation in updated rules for those who post misleading data.  There is no confusion at all about banned content. Misleading information includes data that misguides country residents about elections and other political processes.

However, new rules don’t give a clear view of misinformative content. It didn’t clear that up to which extent, content would be considered as ‘’ misleading’’.

A country agent cleared that the reason to update rules is to discourage the people who are doing unlawful work with full background plans. There are several stories like, Pizzagate, a fabricated story using a child for business benefits, and an imaginary Clinton-linked Washington pizzeria, which was viral on social media in 2016. These fictitious stories are no more allowed on TikTok.

The agent added more that TikTok would consider the content as misleading information if it includes edited videos about the US House of Representative Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Facebook also updated its policy of banning deep bogus content, but Facebook wouldn’t remove Pelosi video content.

TikTok’s  Worldwide Ranking

TikTok is relatively new to the social network world. That’s why it is becoming very difficult to get users’ attention. For this purpose, it should have to introduce new features and updates that are different from other leading networks. TikTok has to fight for survival. For this, it should be safer and more secure for users than other platforms.

However, with updated demands, the TikTok community is rapidly increasing. Its follower number is increasing rapidly that is why they are checking the content with misleading information in order to maintain their ranking. But this site is under critical examination by US legislators. On follower’s requests, they are deleting political data, which is sensitive enough and also removed content, posts, and videos related to protests in Hong Kong.

The US has security issues with TikTok as it is not the brand of the United States but China. That’s why the US raised voices related to national security as TikTok grasp data from the users. The Committee on Foreign Investments in the US and US Army are giving rise to discussion on this hot topic. But, on the other hand, ByteDance says that US user’s data is stored outside China.

TikTok is increasing its business world widely due to its better user experience. If we considering their downloads we can check their global worth. According to Sensor Tower, a research company, people downloaded TikTok more than 1.5 billion times. 680 million new members join this network in 2019.


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