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Most-Followed TikTok Brands & Influencers



Most-Followed TikTok Brands & Influencers

Eight hundred million active users are on tiktok within a year.TikTok is becoming one of the fastest-growing social media apps. Popular social platforms with a considerable audience, influencers, and brands are using TikTok. As a marketer, TikTok opportunities might be wondering if you start an account for your brand.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is formerly known as a musical, social media platform for creating, sharing, and discovering short music videos of any type. This musical app was used by young people to express themselves through singing, dancing, comedy, and lip-syncing. This social platform is still very new. There are not many rules, norms, or solid practices for using the app. Much of the content on it is experimental and creative. The most-followed individuals on TikTok, and a list of brands with a million followers.

Now, we will discuss the TikTok most followed accounts below; then, you will learn about how to create content on this platform and get to create your TikTok videos. Because some brands are new to TikTok, you can notice that they have not nearly reached the high numbers as influencers also, because business accounts are the same as individual accounts. Some of the brands that already have 1 million followers on TikTok.

TikTok Accounts @TikTok@TikTok_India@Live TV

  • Combined Followers 88 million+

TikTok account has 35.5 million followers. The most followed accounts are TikTok India, which has 29 million followers, and Live TV that has 23.7 million followers, and they present videos from Music.

TikTok and TikTok India both follow the same strategy or features on the app. Meanwhile, Live TV reposts the lip-syncing videos from this app. You have seen a high numbering of lip-syncing videos in this post. It is not surprising the TikTok has the top follower count on its app.

TikTok makes its content to educate viewers about this app or brand. It is a great marketing strategy because it allows people to see creative and unique workings.

TikTok also highlights its most interesting brand and influencer accounts on it. Regardless, you can market your brand on it. You can also be aware of your audience to show off the things that make your company unique.

Flighthouse @Flighthouse

  • Followers 20.4 million

Flighthouse is a media as well as an entertainment company founded by a 20-year old CEO. The company produces Music, videos with a different type of content for YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, or Spotify. These are platforms that are popular with Gen-Z.

On its TikTok channel, Flighthouse hosts show and discuss features on it. Many of Flight house’s shows are segmented into multiple TikTok posts whether viewers watch parts one, two, or three of the episodes. It is a great strategy. If viewers sent to any of these videos, they go to the Flighthouse if they want to watch the other parts of the context.

This channel is doing excellent influencer marketing. Even they follow the account regularly publishes videos that show their favorite TikTok about celebrities.

Like some of the influencers, Flighthouse also posts at a high frequency with regular content posted within the week. Because of its content, rate, and trendy-ness, it has quickly become the most-followed media company on the platform, aside from TikTok. Flighthouse’s account is suitable for how a brand can learn about the social platform’s audience and make content to them.


  • Followers 5.7 million

Now, some brands are waiting and watching other companies on TikTok before launching their strategy.

Some Instagram accounts focus on basketball games. On the other side, posts of the TikTok show a lighter side of the organization because they post videos of players working out dramatically to Music, dancing.

It also uses the app’s musical features to lighten up the branding on social media. The videos promote basketball; they also fit for funny or artistic posts on TikTok.

When a brand and company show a more personal side, audiences start to relate to it. If the viewer is not a basketball fan, then they saw a funny or motivational video.

In other business settings, if you post TikTok videos of employees dancing, viewers will think about the company has a pleasant and happy staff init. It makes viewers believe their experience with your company will be fun.

Nickelodeon @Nickelodeon

  • Followers 4.7 million

Nickelodeon has a children television channel that is created award-winning shows for them. It also uses its TikTok to stay in touch with its young audiences. They are also posting nostalgic clips of older shows that are well-known to their viewers.

On the TikTok account, you can find funny clips from old shows with new Music of combination. Nickelodeon gives viewers a look behind the scenes filmed within the channels. You know younger people might get bored with office-based videos. But this channel demonstrates how behind-the-scenes can be engaging to all ages. With these types of videos, Nickelodeon shows that its content is fun for all because it made of fun.

Red Bull @RedBull

  • Followers 3.1 million

The TikTok account about an energy drink Red Bull leans into its slogan its means that “Gives you wings” by showing extreme sports videos that are doing in air stunts. This idea is to show how people are flying due to the red bull because it “gives them wings. “Red Bull is not marketing its product; it’s come up with the “Gives you wings” slogan to entertaining videos.

TikTok viewers watch or engage with these videos. Red Bull’s demonstrates how a company can create on a social network, also has a more in-depth strategy that relates it to the brands.

Radio Disney @RadioDisney

  • Followers 1.6 million

Radio Disney’s TikTok is a musician that commonly played on the Radio Disney app as well as in Disney content also. Like Flighthouse, this channel, too, slowly embraces influencer marketing by posting the videos of famous musicians singing.

If you’re wondering which social network is your brand should be next, take a note from Radio Disney and build a platform that is an excellent fit for your brand or target audience. Because Radio Disney’s audience ranges from late, the brand is a natural fit for TikTok, which is both highly musical and has  Gen-Z audiences.


  • Followers 1.2million

This account launched in September 2019, quickly gain one million TikTok followers. The account posts a mix of funny game videos with Music. Occasionally, this account also posts funny or lighthearted behind the scenes videos on the TikTok account.  NFL uses its TikTok to promote football players with gay behind-the-scenes videos.

These companies are experimenting with a new platform and trying to add new TikTok features and trends. These brands are showing off characteristics of their companies that make them different from others.

Another brand strategy commonly used on this platform is showing off behind-the-scenes or content about the brand. Several brands are testing a unique approach on this can  Learn more about the most creative things on TikTok like posts. You can earn trust, in the sense of relatability, and potentially new fans by showing off your brand’s quality.

Loren Gray @LorenGray

  • Followers 34.6 million

Loren Gray is a 17-year old singer or influencer who’s gained millions of followers on YouTube as well as  Instagram. The content she produces on those platforms shows her performance, reviewing products, or vlogging — Tiktok mainly used for lip-syncing purposes.

She’s grown her following by posting videos regularly. Gray is also participating in various hashtags. She includes other TikTok influencers in her videos.

Gray shares news about her career.

She embraces the TikTok platform by paying attention to and participating in the hottest trends on it. Her account is an excellent example of how you can gain a following by merely experimenting.

Baby Ariel @BabyAriel

  • Followers 29.8 million

Baby Ariel, real name is Ariel Martin, is a 19-year old singer and actress who’s known for her TikTok videos. Baby Ariel also a social media personality with large followings.

She publishes a few different types of videos on her TikTok in multiple times per week. Some are comedic, talks about her life. Here’s a funny post where she struggles to do her makeup as well as TikTok and YouTube’s beauty influencers. Many influencers use TikTok to promote video-based content.

Baby Ariel’s posting vlogs and rich content regularly. Also, talking to her audiences directly and allowing viewers to persuade her videos, Music. She makes her content feel more interactive as well as fan-driven. When viewers see an influencer and entertainer who are interacting with fans, they are considered more trustworthy, or show cares about their followers.

Zach King @zachking

  • Followers: 25.3 million

The influencer Zach King a 29-year old YouTuber or specializes in optical illusions, puzzles, and magic tricks as well. His TikTok videos show viewers puzzles or magical images.

In the video, King asks the viewers to count how many cubes are in this pile. Then magically, he pulls an extra cube that was not visible in it.

Zach King’s success in TikTok is an excellent example for all of those persons who want to do something unique. He shows off exceptional talent in his videos. King’s TikTok also demonstrates how you can get in touch with your audience in unique ways when you cannot communicate directly with them.

Kristen Hancher @kristenhancher

  • Followers: 23 million

Kristen Hancher is the social media personality and YouTuber who made the news. Then, become a TikTok personality who mostly post videos of her lip-syncing to all type of songs.

After some time, Hancher broke away from lip-syncing. The TikTok video is horizontal and shows vertical when it embedded.

Like Loren Gray, Hancher’s learned the social content to the channel, also trying to post the same type of content on each channel. On TikTok, she embraced the apps musical features, but on other social platforms, like YouTube,.she is also doing more personal strategies like vlogging.

Riyaz Alfreen @Riyaz.14

  • Followers: 22.8 million

Riyaz Alfreen is a model or social media personality from India who’s built a significant fan on the TikTok platform. Most of the influencer’s content split into the categories of lip-syncing or lyric videos.

The unique thing about Alfred is that all of his videos are in the Indian language. This account shows how Indian TikTok and Asian audiences are. Many influencers on this come from the US because 26 million TikTok users are American. It’s not surprising that many big TikTok influencers are international.

Gil Croes @gilmhercroes

  • Followers: 21.8 million

The influencer of Gil Croes’ videos is more theatrical or on TikTok editing features. Croes also edits and adds his Music by itself. It also puts sound effects on his videos. Takes his content is unique than other videos on this platform. Croes participates in challenges or responds to TikTok trends in his videos.

He said that about their “I used to be so beautiful, now look at me.”  Croes and his brother go from wearing dapper suits to becoming spooky Halloween characters. Croes is at significant influencer who puts great effort and thought into his video’s storylines like costumes, editing, and special effects.

Jacob Sartorius @jacobsartorius

  • Followers: 21.1 million

Jacob Sartorius is a YouTuber or regularly uses TikTok to post vlog-style videos, comedic, lip-syncing, or Music videos. These videos are usually short, sweet, about some jokes.

In some of his videos, he talks directly to his audience when updating them about his career. He also tells his fans that he’s going to be posting more YouTube videos and promotes his channel. Successful influencers adopt different strategies to tackle the situation, which content strategies will work when passed the new platform early and took his content strategy on it.

His success on TikTok is a top or adaptive influencer who can quickly identify his audience and where his content will do perform well.

Jannat Zubair Rahmani @jannat zubair29

  • Followers: 19.9 million

Jannat Zubair Rahmani, whose name is just Jannat Zubair, is an Indian actress who regularly posts music videos on her TikTok. Same to Riyaz Alfreen, her channel is entirely in the Indian language.

Zubair includes influencers in her videos on TikTok. For example,  infancy clothing with Indian fashion influencer Faisal Shaikh.

Zubair is great by including others who have high followings in videos. She enables her followers and influencer’s fans to watch her videos. Tat allows Zubair’s audience to learn about the other influencer.

Zubair is also showing off behind-the-scenes content. This relatability makes her content more engaging to people

Jiff Pom @JiffPom

  • Followers: 19.4 million

Jiff runs his TikTok and Instagram channels. On TikTok, you can regularly see adorable videos like fun activities, Music, or funny soundbites. Jiff is tirelessly promoting products in his videos related to dogs. In this TikTok, he’s dressed in a Halloween costume to help a holiday-themed.

This account shows that TikTok influencers do not necessarily need to be famous or even to get a massive number of followers. More relevant here is the dog’s entertainment factors and the owner’s strategy of sponsorships or influencer marketing to make more well-known to their new viewers.

Awez Darbar @AwezDarbar

  • Followers: 18.6 million

Awez Darbar is a dancer, choreographer, or social media personality. Also regularly uses his TikTok to show off his dancing skills through music videos.

When he posts music videos, he includes other TikTok influencers or famous Indian performers as dance partners.

Darbar is a choreographer, used the TikTok strategy to become able to editing and new soundbite features.

Darbar is a significant influencer who identified or created content that works on the TikTok platforms. He realized that funny skits and choreography videos are a natural fit for this platform.

Jay Croes @JaydenCroes

  • Followers: 18.3 million

Jay Croes is the social media personality or the brother of Gil Croes. Croes posts well-edited videos with solid storylines. Jay and his brother, Gil, have a  strategy of working together to produce videos that promote both of their channels.

YouTube and other traditional platforms, you can still find influencers talking about their lives, creating videos to entertain their audiences, to grow their following.

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One thing is right on TikTok. The companies and individuals express themselves while staying right about their professional or personal brand. They are becoming successful.




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