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Now Robot Will Work For You on Construction Sites



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Robot can inspire as well as frighten you at the same time due to their limitless services. Robots are helping us to improve our lifestyle. Yet, we can’t feel protected entirely because of their splendid activities; they may become more complex and developed enough to start World War III.

Boston Dynamics is an American Robotics design company. It developed two robotic dogs Spot. For the first time, now robots can help humans in the construction of buildings in the real world. BBC News reported this story on February 1 during the refurbishment of Place Ville-Marie in Montreal, Canada.

Spot: Your Working Robot

To check and verify the working of two Spot robots, Pomerleau, a construction company, has organized a test. They have started checking their work efficiency by introducing them to the Montreal office and shopping place Ville-Marie.

The first task for Spot to achieve is the comparison of 360-degree images with the 3D sample models. The chief digital officer of Pomerleau, Eric Lessard, gave this idea for the first time. It would help to check how Spots observe the construction progression efficiently.

Moreover, these robotic dogs can perform a list of several tasks as they can bear the bulky load and can also walk on rough cross-ways on the ground. Thus, they are also serving human beings in saving their time to perform more complex works that are beyond the capacity of robots.

The human-robotic business has been ‘’seamless so far’’, according to Lessard. However, they are working autonomously due to their unique design. These robotic dogs also ensure safety while working at real-life construction jobs because they are chasing human workers.

Besides, Future Time announced earlier that Delta Air Lines is also putting its effort to develop a full-body frame of robotics. It would upgrade the personal protection and productivity at the job place.


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