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PM Launched Hunarmand Pakistan – A High-Tech Training Program



Prime Minister Imran Khan has launched today Hunarmand Pakistan Program skill development in youth with market-oriented skills.

Special Assistant to Prime Minister (SPAM) Usman Dar stated that skill development in youth according to the requirements of the 21st century is the vision of our Prime Minister Imran Khan to start their work and play their part in building Pakistan’s economy. He added that it will become the most significant training program in the history of the country. This program will deliver training on emerging technologies and the latest advancements in tech.

Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurates this program on Thursday (January 8), which is a part of the Kamyab Jawan Program. However, the National Skills Strategy Task Force planned the Hunarmand Pakistan (Skills for All). Furthermore, regulated by the Federal Minister for Education and Professional Training Shafqat Mahmood. He scheduled stout and exceptional schemes to grow the program.

Statement of SAPM

The SAPM stated while interviewing the media over the launch of the Hunarmand Pakistan Program now. It would be the essential skill development program of the country that would convey training on developing skills. Additionally, the newest advancements of the present century. He further added that all of the skill training programs launched earlier was focusing on numbers of masses. Who got training traditional trade skills where nobody talked about information technology and modern developments taking place in the world. They only set a target to cater to around 200,000 people under those projects. Hunarmand Pakistan program would impart training on artificial intelligence, robotics, and many others.

Moreover, he said that Hunarmand Pakistan is a gift of New Year to the youth of Pakistan from the prime minister. The youth must ready themselves to get skill set training in this program, which would assist them in seeking relevant jobs in the market and industry. Besides, the chance to start a new business.

Usman Dar further said that our goal is to benefit 80% youth of the country through this Program. Where they acquire job and business opportunities after joining skill-based training, according to the vision of our Prime Minister Imran Khan to have skill sets to improve human resources in line with the market trends of job. Additionally, it enables youth with great business opportunities.

Online registration

In a statement, SAPM said that the Startup Pakistan Program is also assisting the youth; however, we are working on an internship program which is in the pipeline. One more program named as Green Youth Movement is also in process. Furthermore, this program will financially assist the youth in generating innovative schemes for the conservation of the environment. In 2020, all five modules of the Kamyab Jawan Program will support the youth.

The inauguration of an online portal is held for registration of Hunarmand Pakistan by PM Imran Khan in the launching ceremony of this program.

Usman Dar asked for audit:

Hunarmand Pakistan
In answer to a question, he said, “I would like it if the media audit this Program which is entirely transparent, based on merit and without any political interference.” An artificial intelligence-based online system is operating in assisting all the loans issued under the program.

Replying to another question relating to Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) regime’s youth development programs’ outcome, Usman Dar said that the program didn’t meet the expectations as the global youth development index number of Pakistan was 89 in 2013 which declined to 154 in 2017 under their administration.

He further said that there is a massive difference in the number of applicants of both these programs. Such as the PML-N’s youth development program could receive only 109,000 applications in 5 years. Whereas Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Kamyab Jawan Program acquired 1 million applications in just 15 days, and I think the youth of the country for giving such an overwhelming response to this program.

Usman Dar stated, “The Kamyab Jawan Program is not a bank lending or loan scheme fairly it’s core aim is elevating the small businesses and local industry. The youngsters who have a properly designed and clear business idea will acquire a loan for applying his idea.”

The SAPM said that applicants informed through confirmation calls and messages in the first phase. Twenty-five percent of candidates are successfully registering in this Program. Cancellations are the result of a lack of effective business plans, or due to overage. Furthermore, in this transparent process, 0.25 million youth acquire loans successfully.

Briefing of Dr. Nair Khan

Dr. Nair Khan (Executive Director National Vocational and Technical Training Commission, NAVTTC) brief the media that the CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor)  is an excellent chance for Pakistan’s skilled youth. NAVTTC supported three months of a thorough study of the workforce necessity of the special economic zones in CPEC and planned specific courses in this respect. He explained that subsequently, for the brick kiln conversion on the eco-friendly zigzag technology NAVTTC had designed advanced training courses.

Syed Javed Hassan, the Chairman of NAVTTC, stated that China had granted Rs 600 million under the social development section to upgrade apparatus for newest technology training where the Commission would create fully equipped up-to-date classrooms in this respect.


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