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Publishers are Growing their Audiences using TikTok



publishers on TikTok

A Chinese company ByteDance created TikTok in the year 2017. It has now become one of the most downloaded applications. It has more than 500 million active users, among which 26.5 Million are active users from the US. It engages the younger generation containing 60% users from 16-24 years, and almost 66% of users are under 30 years of age.

Considering its worldwide following, publishers are taking this app seriously, as it targets the youth. As readership for traditional publication age, Publishers are eager to find ways and means to appeal younger generation. In 2018, only 9% of people from 18-24 years read the Washington Post. Due to the rising popularity of video-based applications, Washington post’s video editor, Dave Jorgenson, found this app a way to reach the enormous following.

According to Dave Jorgenson, it is crazy that an app, with 1.5b potential subscribers, mostly under the age of 20, is not taken seriously to appealing the audiences. He wants to expand the news, not as breaking news but things about which people are talking.  He started posting videos of his behind the scenes of work which raised his viewership to 362k and a single video gained 18 million likes.

Washington Post is not the only publisher that noticed TikTok; other outlets like NBC News and Florida times-union has also built following on social media platforms by using slightly different approaches. NBC launched a “stay tuned” program on Snapchat to use on TikTok. They record small segments that address the current events.

Dallas news focuses on casting public figures and provided personable content and memes that engage audiences and inform them in a lighter mood. Florida Time-Union posted a video on TikTok related to common myths about journalists.

What Tiktok offers to publishers?

  • Non-chronological content:

Embracing the current trend is very important. Tiktok does not share content in chronological form, as shown before, in the form of breaking news. Instead, the story style is more suitable. Youth appeals towards something exciting, funny, or dramatic. Visual content is more memorable than any report. Videos go viral in no time, and news spread worldwide.

  • Reach to younger lot:

It is an excellent platform to reach Millennials, among which the majority is youth.  Now publishers on Tiktok have to tell the same story in a new way. They now report a piece of news with respect but in an entertaining way. Young audiences usually reject the news that lacks attention or is non-influential. They make videos of pre-produced content as an explainer to the event.  Tiktok users do not care if a video is not polished. They believe in authentic and real stories and reserve their respect for people who record with smartphones and edit them.

  • Share on other platforms:

Tiktok video is easy to download and can be shared on other platforms as these do not come with a watermark. Moreover, it helps to reach the news to other platforms, and people who are not using TikTok can also see them.

The developer is also taking notice

Over time, not only publishers are taking this platform seriously, but also, TikTok realizes the importance of content creators. They are sending tips and recommendations every week hence, making it easy to understand for new users. It will help to increase the popularity and following of application.


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