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Reachy: An Open-Source Interactive Robot



It’s known to us that everyone is going to shift manual activities towards automation. However, it reduces human energy consumption and favors them in doing their work with more efficiency in no time. At the same time, it’s an expensive approach that most research institutions and multinational companies can afford it. Now the open-source system is available in robots with name Reachy. France’s Pollen Robotics launched it to help organizations and even people at home.

Features of the Robot Reachy

It has an expressive head consisting of the movable self-developed neck joint. This joint allows neck movement just like humans. Its setup is very quick and easily adjustable. It has software, hardware, and data storing capacity like a computer. In addition, Reachy contains bio-inspired arms that are used for holding things.

Also, the arms can move with seven degrees freedom of movement and its grabby hands can be alternated with humanoid hands with five fingers. It has an adjustable mic and speaker for audio interaction. Its eye-shaped area contains a camera, which senses the environment and analyses it.

However, Reachy was first introduced on an occasion at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020. Here, this robot was challenged at the tic-tac-toe game. As Reachy is an open-source robot, it can deal with things that can surprise you. For different and vast system applications, developers can use these efficient robots. Above all, Reachy comprises many parts and pieces that can be joined and separated on demand.

With this flexible feature, it may act like a chef and prepare food for you. It can also welcome your guests and greets the visitors. With its advanced services, companies can change old-fashioned development methods. With its system built-in AI, developers don’t need to train the robot. They just have to meet the desired need with this outstanding Reachy.
However, its price tag can also surprise you because it is well inaccessible for most of the organizations. Its single-arm basic version is available in $9000 while the double-arm-and-a-head version will cost almost $17,000. The company is ambitious to sell the first 15 Reachy’s in the forthcoming future.


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