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Robots can Croak at Any Minute Just like Humans.



robots mortal

Performance of a machine can be made better only if you tell them that they are mortal. Robots are the most advanced machines used for doing highly complex tasks. These tasks are as manageable as the human brain can do. The human mind can develop a strategy in fear and tries to resist it as possible it can. Humans know how to save themselves in the time of danger. It’s all about survival. Being very analytic about hazards, still, it fails sometimes, which results in the death of a human.

Similarly, we have to tell robots that they can also croak at any time, hence building a mechanism for their preservation by sensing danger. Scientists of the University of California have also shown concerns about this issue in a post in the newspaper. According to them, an artificially intelligent agent should hold its meta- goal of self-defence as they are working in this dynamic and unpredictable world.

Efforts of Antonio Damasio:

Damasio is a notable name in the field of intelligence and brain functioning. He also mentioned in his profile at Edge Formation that he made formative contributions to understand brain processes. He explained several mechanisms that are basics of reactions, feelings, decision making and awareness.
Damasio collaborated with Kingson Man, a researcher at Brain and Creativity Institute (BCI). They mutually presented a model based on philosophy and science of mind. They paired their results with robotic technology.

Self-preserving robots:

Damasio and Man coauthored on the idea of building robust and resilient robots. The primary purpose behind is to make them vulnerable to restraining strategy. In Science Alert, they summarised that if an artificially intelligent agent can sense inputs of touch and pressure, it can also identify risk factors.

It invokes a design concept in which a finite number of resources provided to some entities, and they either have to find equilibrium to use these resources or abolish the competitors. Machines can perform a process similar to homeostasis under some conditions. Instead of sensing an outside alert, a hypothetical agent having a “Brain” not only can analyze different factors causing risks but also can understand a situation.

A robot with a sense of its health is the most unusual thing to date. It is just like a car when oil is low, or the engine is overheated, the car directs self-preservation behavior. The car has sensors that address these issues at any cost for survival, and there is no in-between. The human brain can do it without a second thought as it gets constant signals through all the senses; hence the brain responds to them by an action performed by the body.

However, it is not a likeable idea for humans that we refer to the brain and body as machines. The human brain is far complicated than any device, and scientists can never understand its complexity. Scientists are working to present more and more complex material and computing that can make robots a step forward than the human brain.


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