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Rumors about Smartphone you must know [Infograph]



Rumors about Smartphone

Some myths about smartphones that are true sometimes

Form radiations to freezing the battery, there are many rumors about smartphones. Here we are going to see which urban legends are false and which ones are real.

Let’s see what’s real and false!

The smartphone can cook an egg

Although smartphones emit radiations, these are not enough to fry an egg. You need 7000 phones to make this happen. It can only warm an egg. Based on false assumptions.

A myth about this starts in 2000, when an article was published in Wymsey Village Web heaving a statement –how to cook an egg using two phones- after which this prank is used everywhere.

A smartphone is grubbier than toilet

Yeah! It is because people check their phones 52X per day. Touching spreads germs.Smartphone lug 10X more bacteria than toilet seats that includes

  • Streptococcus
  • MRSA
  • E.coli

    Clean your hone using alcohol wipes and kill the germs. Don’t trust the tech. It is a true statement.

    Absence of SIM card Prevent Tracking

    Another false statement based on action movies. Everything you see in movies is not always right. Tracking is still possible even if you remove the sim card from your cell phone. It is because of the presence of a battery on the phone. It doesn’t matter either the cell is powered off or on.

    If you want to prevent tracking, you should keep in mind the following things.

    • Airplane mode should be ON
    • The phone should be powered OFF
    • GPRS signals must be disabled
    • There should be NO battery in the phone.

      Interference of phones with hospitals, planes, gas stations

      It is one of the wrongly figured out facts about smartphones. They don’t interfere with medical equipment or airplanes.

      • Active phone signals are still forbidden because the FFA doesn’t want to take any risk.
      • Medical errors and injuries are due to delayed communication than from interference. It is about 6X more due to delayed communication.
      • At petrol or CNG pumps, they have warned about not to use cellphones, but still, there is nothing wrong with the signals that can trigger a gasoline spark.

      There is much news that often blames cellphone usage is the cause of fire at pumps, but when investigation proceeds, they find another reason for this. That is why there is no registered case about a cellphone that causes combustion.

      How many of you know your phone?

      1 in 3 Americans has 5G-capable smartphones. Out of which 62% claim its better service. But many of the counties don’t have 5G coverage.

      Myths about charging and battery

      Technology-based problems are regarded as myths because this wasn’t developed that much yet. But now the technologist resolved the problems.

      some of the hilarious myths about batteries are:

      • These have memory
      • the battery should drop to zero 1st
      • freeze your battery for fixation

      Batteries Have Memory

      When the smartphone is new, its battery does not last for a long time. It is thought that Li-ion batteries damage over time. Older Ni-Cad batteries can develop a “memory.” It can be reduced by fully draining the battery before each charge.

      Your battery Drops to Zero

      The process of dropping your battery to zero let Li-ion battery tire out soon before time. The partial charging method can lower the damage. If at 20% charge your battery stop working suddenly, then dropping your battery to zero can re-calibrate the battery level sensor.

      Freeze Your Phone

      Extreme temperate can damage the Li-ion battery faster.  To lower the chance of damage, if it exposed to extreme temperatures, bring it to room temperature before charging.

      Overnight Charging

      Due to advanced technology, smartphones have built-in protection chips. That helps stop charging when it reaches 100%. When it reaches 99% automated program trickle of power, bumps it back up. This might increase the temperature and damage the battery.

      In 2019, Apple introduced a new thing -Optimized Battery Charging- based on machine learning. It can control your habits and stop overcharging. There is also a Wi-Fi smart plug that helps overnight charring safely.

      USE of KNOCK-OFF cables

      Inexpensive, Knock-off, or lightning charging cables can cause problems. Don’t use cord and connectors that are not compatible with your cellphone. It can cause long-lasting battery problems and can damage phone chips.

      For the iPhone, use the cable that has labeled made for iPhone. For USB-C, go for a wire that marked Certified USB charger. There are 80% of Americans that have smartphones. But do you think they know how to get full advantage of their devices?

      Some False Smartphone Hacks

      Protective screens can avoid scratches. Now a day’s smartphones already designed so to prevent scratches on the screen. Screen protectors are less durable than glass screens.

      Gorilla Glass display is so sharp that even the use of a knife can’t harm its surface. Sand, rocks, and concrete can impose risk. The screen protector is necessary in case of hiking or mounting, along the beach-side, and if you frequently drop your phone.

      Date Damage by Magnet

      Another false assumption after having advanced technology. Like tapes and floppy disks, the magnet can wipe the date from your smartphone too. The static magnetic field cannot affect solid-state drives. A strong magnet can do permanent damage to your smartphone. It can magnetize steel parts of the phone that interfere with the phone compass. When navigation apps are not on the working mode, it cannot determine your location and orientation.

      How your smartphone wipe-out

      If you delete your sensitive data intentionally or unintentionally by yourself or someone else. Also, if you logged out from all of your accounts can lead to data loss. If you did a factory reset, then there will be no data remain on your smartphone.

      Rice can DRY your WET phone

      Rice can absorb moisture. But it creates a gummy environment around. It can damage delicate electronics parts. For drying your phone, you can follow these measures.

      • Use synthetic desiccants like silica gel in an airtight bag along with the smartphone.
      • Try to pick up your phone from the water as soon as possible.
      • Remove the battery from your phone for powering it off carefully.
      • If still, it does not work, take it to a professional repair shop instead of experimenting at home. It may cause permanent damage.


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