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Seeking clues for Leaders, Pakistan gives 315,000 Viable Tablets in 24 hours to Treat COVID-19 in China



Seeking clues for Leaders, Pakistan gives 315,000 Viable Tablets in 24 hours to Treat COVID-19

Pakistan has compelling medication for COVID-19. Over 300,000 pieces sent out to China, in a published article by Economic Daily – China Economic Net (CEN) on February 21st, has 5.71 million online visits on and 38,000 hearts…

In almost 10,000 remarks, in addition to a ton of gratitude to Pakistani companions for their assistance, some netizens were keen on the “worldwide venture” mentioned in the CEN columnist’s article and wanted to know the star in the background who distributed the effective medications at a Bayer subsidiary in Pakistan.

According to Weibo Record of Bayar China

On February 20th, after observing that the authority Weibo record of Bayer China said, “it had made a crisis sending of chloroquine phosphate tablets in Pakistan toward the start of this month, CEN columnist immediately reached to check the issue. The official Weibo record of Bayer China stated the news and said that the batch of meds was finished in 24 hours. 200,000 of the 300,000 tablets were “sold” to Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited (GPHL) at zero Yuan. Former, Economic Daily revealed that on February 5th, GPHL first bought 15,000 tablets of Chloroquine phosphate in Pakistan through different channels, and afterward bought another 200,000 pills. The medications showed up in Guangzhou at 7:00 p.m. on February 8th”.

It took under four days from buying in Pakistan to receiving in Guangzhou. Notwithstanding the international and local airline time, it is difficult for Pakistan, a nation with less developed transport foundation that is experiencing serious beetle plague, to urgently gather, move and participate the quickest international savage for effective medications to treat COVID-19. It helps individuals to remember “For 61 Brothers” in Chinese coursebook.

CEN columnist learned from further meetings that Chloroquine phosphate creation was suspended in China for a long time. To convey the first batch of viable medications effectively, from February 5th to eighth, notwithstanding GPHL and Bayer, there are a lot more legends in the background, for example, China Southern Airlines and Urumqi Customs…


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