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Selfie ‘fever’in the UK transforming it to nation of selfie takers



Let me take a selfie first! It is a phrase we listen to everywhere nowadays. Thanks to smartphones for taking selfies, the fastest evolving trend in the modern era. Everyone from higher authorities of the nation to kids is suffering from this “selfie fever.”

What is the selfie?

Selfie is a self-portrait photo one takes with the help of a camera (digital camera or smartphone) held in hand or fixed on a selfie stick. People take selfies mainly for self-absorption and also for art and social connection. Some capture selfies for self-branding leading to so-called influencer culture. Generation of the social context is the main reason that most of the young people take selfies. People usually share their selfies on social networking services like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.

Brief Background of the word “Selfie”.

  • Oxford English Dictionary included the word “selfie” in its online version in 2013 as it gained universal popularity.
  • In the same year, the Oxford English Dictionary declared the word “selfie” as the “word of the year.”
  • The term “selfie” became the part of the word game “Scrabble” in August 2014.
  • Business Insider, an American financial and business news website, referred selfies of groups as “usies” in January 2014.
  • Later in the year, Huawei Technologies (Chinese phone manufacturer) trademarked the term “groufie”
  • during the launch of Ascend P7 smartphone in China, Germany, France, the United States, and Russia
  • Samsung-South Korean Multinational Conglomerate trademarked the term “wefie” for group selfies in the United States for promotion of the NX Series of its cameras.

    Selfie fever in the UK

    The so-called “selfie Fever” is more prevalent in teenagers all over the world. UK (United Kingdom) has become the nation of Selfie takers, with men more enthusiastic about taking selfies than women. The trend reflects in new research conducted by a Chinese smartphone firm Honor for the launch of its Honor 9X phone. According to the survey,

    • people in the UK take 450 selfies or even more on average each year
    • 85 % of people admit that they are now more eager for snapping pictures than ever before.
    • Among 884 of photos taken by people on average annually, 468 are selfies.

      Selfies are natural now!

      The trend is more shifting towards filter-free and natural selfies than the previous pattern of edited selfies. The craze of taking natural selfies is 62 % of youngsters with an age group of 16-29 years when compared to the last five years.

      The tendency to take selfies in natural sceneries is also gaining popularity. Selfies are now including our routine activities and are depicting our culture too. You can see people taking selfies at the seaside, in a café, in a gym or even in their workplaces. Selfies are portraying more natural aspects of daily life like being sweaty after an exercise than representing the perfection mode.

      Bond Zhong-the country manager for Honor UK

      He confirms the growing trend of natural selfies as he says:

      “With smartphones always in our pockets, it has become easier than ever to snap and share content from the world around us, and it’s interesting to see the growing trend towards sharing more natural authentic content.”

      He further adds:

      “Whereas selfies used to reserve for nights out and special occasions, today we’re more open to capturing and posting images that show who we are and what we stand for.”

      Future aspects of the research

      • The research puts forward the future outlook of selfies being the primary source of communication as youngsters under the age of 30 are capturing 27% more photos than the older people.
      • Honor – Chinese smartphone firm proposes that future generations will communicate through images, and 33% of people admitted the proposal.


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