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Smarter Search

Searching desired content- A big problem:

People use all types of information to search their topic of interest for better understanding like Smarter Search. Therefore, we continuously bring new developments to assist people in a comprehensive search of solutions.  Moreover, we help users in exploring related ideas so that they can have a satisfying answer to their queries.

Recently, we are going to use the most recent technology to bring this method in the top trends of Google Search. In this way, people will have direct and easy access to the most beneficial articles in lesser time.

Easy and Efficient:

While you’re going to search for information on a hot/trending topic, you will get a carousel of articles as your search results will show relevant news. Currently, there are various stories that are related to your search, and we will categorize results based on the story. In this way, it becomes an easy and efficient way to search relevant articles and make the best decision.

Inside each story, the new framework will build more space for the content of high quality. By using this innovation, it brings more perspective and context along with diverse sources and the most recent coverage. For example, if anyone is searching for “NASA news”, the results may band together under the distinct news stories. Such as, “Five companies participated in NASA moon bid”. In this participation “NASA mission identified water vapor on Jupiter’s moon”, along with some additional results.

BERT Models:

To empower this innovative idea, we introduced a new story understanding technology to plot the persons, locations, and stories. After that, connections will draw among them. Moreover, this tool permits us to make diverse groups of news articles/feeds. To create these clusters, we use multiple machines earning techniques.  It includes BERT models for examining related search articles and determining where the previous story end and new begins.

Furthermore, our research has identified that it is critical to group clearly defined clustering results/stories. Through this innovation, people may easily steer the results and recognize the best content for their needs.

Recent innovations on focus:

We are also focusing on important information, i.e. distinguished quotes and opinions, in which the best matching stories carousel with the search. This diverse material offers top views of news stories to help people. Users will able to decide which aspect is to explore more. Moreover, this change is the long term effort to magnify the different journalistic approaches to highlight in search. Also, the prominent reference can appear in results.  These updates are available for gadgets in English. The new features with more languages will be launched in the coming months.

Thus, this will help people to engage with the most appropriate information in less time, and build a better understanding of the phenomenon around them.


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