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Swarm A.I Claims to Predict Super Bowl Winner.



Unanimous A.I is a company that amplifies human intelligence by a connecting group of people together and using A.I algorithms more on a natural swarm. Swarm A.I makes groups of sports fans predict betting markets of hockey games. Similarly, this company also claims to predict the winner of super bowl going to happen this Sunday between Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers.

Founder of Swarm A.I, Louis Rosenberg uses swarm intelligence algorithms, which is based on the opinion and feedback of many people to create a prediction. By keeping in view all the aspects of a multivariable problem, people use their knowledge, wisdom, insight, and intuitions to get the best possible solution. It is a flexible and dynamic system that makes species smarter and wiser.

The science behind Swarm A.I

Most forms of artificial intelligence inspired by nature. For the last 60 years, people are looking towards the natural environment to create artificial intelligence. Mostly A.I looks at neurological intellect inside the brain connected by neurons. Swarm is a different kind of intelligence that is not based on the brain’s connection but joins a group of intellects. A swarm is a group of brains connected. Unanimous A.I aimed to create hive minds. We can say it is the brain of brains that is smarter than the individual brain.

According to Louis Rosenberg, it is the science behind flocking of birds, swarming of honey bees, and schooling of fish. They make decisions together and are smarter together than alone. If artificial Swarm intelligence can work for birds, fish, and bees, then we can make it work for humans. Human has evolved the ability to make swarms. With algorithms, software, and interface, we can connect people, and they will become significantly smarter as they will answer together in a group in real-time.

The technology behind Swarm A.I

There are two primary components

  • The Swarm interface: It captures knowledge, wisdom, insight, and intuitions when a group of people wrestles on an issue in real-time. Participants do not show their thoughts and feelings, but their views and opinions revealed through their behavior.
  • The A. I Engine: The data is processed in real-time by the A.I engine. It observes the behavior of each participant and assesses their confidence, uncertainty, conviction, and flexibility towards a decision. This engine then makes an image called a brain scan. This scan further leads to post-processing.

Artificial intelligence influences the behavior and behaviors that influence artificial intelligence, and together they behave as artificial experts. Artificially intelligent expert converges on best of the solution by passing through a series of decisions and predictions.


Its most significant problem is to involve people and algorithms. Mostly artificial intelligence works by placing people with algorithms but Swarm A.I connect people with algorithms to make them wiser and smarter. It connects people in real-time and gets prediction. In the meanwhile, the system converges the answers that are optimized. It helps to find the most accurate answer to the question.

  • Predicting marketing campaigns to sports:  This application mainly connects with marketers, business people, and sports fans. They give predictions about sale forecast and business decisions. They usually test their predictions by grouping sports enthusiasts. Sports events occur in a few days hence give speedy results that help to check the authenticity of the forecast.
  • Collaboration with Stanford: In 2018, Unanimous A.I worked in partnership with Stanford Medical School to check the prediction of a group of doctors thinking together as “hive minds.” They diagnosed a chest X-ray 33% more accurate while considering in swarm.

Nothing is guaranteed; these are just predictions made by a group of people. Results may vary from situation to situation. Although this company claims that forecasts are not mere gut feelings, but are instead based on scientific approaches and mostly are data-driven. But there is no assurance of correct results every time. As Unanimous A.I had never predicted exact results last year, so it is better to tune in and watch Super Bowl live.


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