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Tangi: Short Form Video App Emphasizing on Creativity and DIY



Tangi App

Google’s in–house incubator “Area 120”, a google experimental program that builds, launches dozens of innovative ideas. These ideas make in an entrepreneurial environment where Googler’s spent a maximum of their precious time, even though they cannot reach the finish. Therefore, Google has a reputation for launching apps and killing them in a short time. The latest project launch by AREA 120 is video app “Tangi.” An application that focuses on DIY (Do it Yourself) space where you find all creative videos on subjects like painting, crafting, cooking, fashion beauty and much more. Tangi operates on both the web and iOS.

Tangi name derived from the capitalize alphabets in the given words “TeAch aNd GIve”. It is the short video platform where users get quick DIY services that assist people in learning something new each day, unlike other apps like TikTok that has only entertainment content.

Coco Mao, the Tangi founder, said that:

“We only focus on DIY and creativity content. Our platform’s goal is to help people learn to craft, cook and create with quick one-minute videos. We designed Tangi to make it easier for users to find a lot of high-quality how-to videos.”

Coco Mao made this app after seeing that her parents were watching a lot of how-to videos on cooking, painting, photography in niche-specific community. Mao was immensely cheered up that her Mom learned a lot from these videos and became an amateur oil painter.

Mao said:

“I, too, joined some of these vibrant creative communities that make videos around cooking and fashion. I noticed something magical in these videos: They could quickly get the point across — something that used to take a long time to learn with just text and images.”

Intriguing features of Tangi:

The learning app “Tangi” most intriguing feature is its short-form format. Tangi vertical videos last for one minute and of average about 45 seconds. As a result, the user didn’t have to beat on platforms for watching long tutorials that mostly last for 15-20 minutes is a tiresome job. People learn more efficiently in quick-cooking, crafting, painting tricks or in some new decorating intriguing ideas. Get rid of long and tiring videos and learn seamlessly from short ones.

There are some other short-form videos apps but didn’t contain feature what motivates you to do that work. That feature is available in Tangi called “try it”. According to Mao, this feature raises the user to recreate that video having the benefit of learning that skill and also have the opportunity to connect with community members. The most recreated video is “making guacamole in the avocado shell”.

The short video contains some main steps, and the creator leaves the actual recipe in a comment. This format is user-friendly as anyone got rid of ads and SEO driven personal stories.

Users can watch all videos by scrolling down or filtered by categories like art, cooking, DIY, Beauty and fashion and lifestyle. By clicking the heart icon user can support the creator. In this way, video saved to like videos also.

The app is available free for everyone and is ad-free in other words; the app is not yet monetized.

Creators of Tangi:

Several creators are using Tangi, some re-known are

  • DIY and lifestyle blogger Holly Grace
  • Portrait artist Rachel Faye Carter
  • Baker and food creator Paola D Yee
  • Beauty vlogger Sew Wigged Out
  • Art and DIYer The ArtGe
  • Cooking and DIYer Jonathan Blogs

    How to differentiate video app Tangi with other apps:

    In other social video apps, anyone can upload a video, but in Tangi, only creators having creative content are permitted to upload a video. Creators first need to apply to be part of Tangi then he or she can upload the video. So the people seeking creative videos download video app Tangi and become the professional creator.



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