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Tesla Remotely Disabled Autopilot Features of Used S Model



Tesla Company

An investigation report by Jalopnik revealed that the electric car making company Tesla removed the autopilot feature of the second hand S model worth 8000$. After the news become viral, the car company realized its mistake and returned the autopilot chauffeur help feature.

The crux of the matter:

Tesla remotely disabled driver assistance features on a used model after it sold to a customer. The company now claims that the owner of the car who purchased it from a third party dealer who bought it at an auction held by Tesla did not pay for this feature. Therefore, he is not eligible to use them. The characteristics enabled when the dealer bought that car. They advertised these features as part of the package when the car sold to the owner. It is a peculiar situation that raises a hard question about the nature of over the air software update as they relate to vehicles.

Car sold with a hardware-based upgrade such as four-wheel versus all-wheel drive or advanced adaptive cruise controls do not lose those features when the vehicle is re-sold. But Tesla can update its vehicles remotely so the model S and other Tesla cars can lose essential functions.

Tesla did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Alec bought the car in December, and the third party bought it a month earlier. Advertisers listed autopilot features, unbeknownst the dealer Tesla had independently conducted a software audit to the car after selling it.  As a result, when Alec picked up the car, he did not have access to all its advertised features.

Response by Tesla:

After contacting Tesla customer support, they informed Alec that the company has recently identified instances for customers incorrectly configured for the autopilot version.

As they did not pay for it so in an audit is done for vehicles. Unfortunately, Alec is one of those customers. The company looked back to his purchase history, and sadly self-driving was not a feature that Alec has paid. The company apologized for the confusion. Now Alec has to pay for additional features as well to get them enabled.

The company referred it as a miscommunication and apologized for the trouble. In a recent forum post by the owner, Tesla restored all the missing options.


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