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TikTok on Right Time: Chiefs to Social Media Personalities



Viral videos of TikTok shot in supermarkets, hospitals, and police cars don’t amuse some of the employers.

In the present time, all of us are familiar with short videos sharing app known as TikTok. All people who are in business or a simple job holder use this app. There are many videos in which different social media personalities dance and make fun with one another.

Positive Edge of TikTok

But one positive fact about this is that some professionals and the police are trying to stop the video in which unprofessional people perform difficult stunts. Because it may result in loss of life.

Popularity of TikTokers 

Social Media Personalities
Chinese made the app of TikTok; according to a rough estimate, about 2 million people download this app in one day. In a survey, the team estimated that people age 16 to 34 are mostly using this app, become famous due to their viral videos. In recent, there is an example of 15 years old child Charli D, who become famous due to his viral videos. Many people are becoming famous for making videos near railway tracks, hospitals, shopping malls, factories, and many other places like that.

35 years old person, Danny Harris has 34700 people as followers on the TikTok profile. He realized that he became famous when a staff of the bakery recognized him. He works in central London in a building. His followers are increasing day by day due to his scary videos.

 SparksandTarts First TikTok Video

Danny Harris, builder and member of Sparks and Tarts. The first video of Sparks and Tarts is a rough dance of 5 labourers on the top roof of the building. No one choreographed this dance, which gets many likes, and millions of times, people watch it after posting on TikTok. After this success, they uploaded 10 more videos on the same app.

Harris said, “It has evolved into its entity, we’re having TikTok meetings in our breaks to plan what videos we’re going to try to get out there. It’s becoming more of a part-time job. People are messaging each other on the weekend. I think We should try this video next.” They said that they made their videos after breakfast and dinner.

The popularity of uniformed TikTok users is due to several factors. Brendan Gahan, the chief social officer at marketing agency Mekanism, said, “Public embarrassment is fun and cringe-worthy.” The idea behind the video making is that it attracts the audiences and increase their curiosity, He further said, “Generally, the more a piece of content can spark that emotional response, the more it’s shared and sparks a response.”

Building Unknown to People

The famous TikTok user discussed above, Harris and his workmate, choose their building, which is not known by people for making their videos. Harris said about their videos, “We do this in our break times and after tea, and it’s one of these things where all my bosses are happy with it, but for the sake of the clients funding this build, it’s probably best we’re not advertising where we are.”

Many uninformed TikTok users face that fundamental problem. While most of the foolish and outrageous people show a different side to their companies and industries, they are taking the risk of looking less professional.

Tesco Employee 

Social Media Personalities
Tyler Beatie is a Tesco employee who earned 65000 fans on posting his video. He was dancing in a video while wearing his uniform. And after it, Beattie explained his banning from making videos in his uniform. Many people requested him to make a video, but he did not follow the request.

According to Tesco spoke person, “Social media is a fun way to communicate and share information with others. As representatives of Tesco, we ask all our colleagues to use their judgment, respect, and common sense online. And make sure that it doesn’t get in the way of doing jobs.”

Instead of this, many Tesco employees made their viral videos on TikTok of dancing in their uniform on a famous song. They made their videos and also added a caption of four famous supermarkets of the UK, and they got many likes and views in a day. According to a rough calculation, about 99 million times, people watch their videos in a day.

Some police officers and paramedics are getting famous in this shot from the video-sharing app. One Cheshire police officer posted her video on TikTok where she showed how to operate the force. Her colleagues were also involved in the making of two videos of social media personalities. The one was driving the streets to Ridin’ by Chamillionaire, while the other was Sound of da Police by KRS-One videos. 700,000 times people watched these videos after posting on the app.

Comments on the TikTok Video

There are different types of comments on these two videos. Some said that it is a distraction from the dangerous job of the police, and some enjoyed the video of a police officer on TikTok.

Digital Media Manager Statement

Peter Caldwell, Cheshire Constabulary’s digital media manager, said, “Social media is one of many channels we used to communicate with the public.” He added that his force has social media guidance it expects staff to follow while at work. “We currently use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram to promote the work of the force. However, with the world of digital media constantly evolving, the guidance also applies to new and emerging social media channels.”

SparksandTarts fame became a surprise for Harris; he got famous due to his viral videos on TikTok. A protective clothing company talked to him to wear his products in their videos. This is what we know as a brand dealing with social media personalities. The reason behind the wearing of his suits is the publicity of their company.

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