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Top 10 Best Home Products to Sell in 2020



Are you looking up to beautify your customers’ homes in 2020? Then, you are in the right place. These products would act as a game-changer for your customers this year. Below I mentioned some best home products that are the most reliable, quirky, and fun. So, never forget to add these products to your online stores in 2020.

1-Orthopedic Pillows

Orthopedic pillows are one of the best home products to sell in 2020. During your good night’s sleep, these memory foam pillows conform to the shape of your head. And thus, give you a comfortable position. According to Keywords Everywhere, the search term “orthopedic pillows” produces 14,800 monthly searches. There is another more relevant keyword, like “memory foam pillows,” which generates 60,500 monthly searches according to the same tool. Sleep products are among the widely demanded products. So, when you start a home product or sleep store, this pillow must be the first product in your store.

By focusing on a search-based strategy, you can sell home products like this pillow. For keywords like “memory foam pillows” or “orthopedic pillows” and similar keywords, you can run Google Shopping ads. You can also consider some keywords with lesser search volume to generate traffic. By sharing the video content that shows the benefits of having this product may give you more sales than before. You can also run Facebook ads by focusing on the interested audience who are in search of this pillow.

2-Bath Towel Cap 

After coming out of the shower, every woman feels it as a large towel on her head. Fortunately, you can sell this product to her: a bath towel cap. With less bulk, we designed it to dry the hair faster. In recent months, when it comes to search traffic, the term “hair towel” has seen massive growth. So, this product is of highly demanded home products. In recent months, this product got over 20,000 orders showing its popularity.

On Facebook and Instagram, selling this product would be more comfortable. To promote your hair towel on social media, you can post video content related to your product on Instagram. The influencers can also share it with their audience so you can get more traffic related to your product. The targeted audience for this product should be women aged between 18 and 34. You can also approach beauty fan pages and share your product links and videos to aware of the audience. But it requires some money to post your content. However, it would give you more traffic and sales than to post your content to a new page.


Terrariums have high demands in selling now, and we can see its rising demand in 2020. Take it as an example. There are 450,000 monthly searches for the keyword “terrarium,” according to Keyword everywhere. Thus, it proves its popularity. You can also use related keywords such as “terrarium plants” or “terrarium DIY.” It’s not wrong to say that this is a profitable niche to explore. Thousands of people place orders on only this Terrarium.

Focus on two channels to promote home products like this Terrarium: Pinterest and Google. Both networks are search-based. You can add this product to the platforms, and they would help you to increase your selling. It’s easy for customers to explore the pin, link with it, and then quickly go to your website. Pinterest ads are also available to get immediate sales of your desired product.

The second option is Google. You should consider running ads to Google to get hundreds of thousands of monthly searches. It can also aid you if you create a blog related to Terrarium. With it, Google quickly identifies your store and website.

4-Pet Grooming Products

For many pet owners, shedding of the pet hair is one of the annoying problems. You can’t get rid of dogs and cats’ hair. It ends up all over the furniture, floor, and your clothes, and you are no cleaner now. Thus, to resolve this issue, this home product grooms your pet and gathers all hair before it disturbs your cleanliness.

The Pet grooming niche is a very stable one. The search volume of this pet grooming product has been steady for a few years. The monthly research volume for “pet grooming” raise to 110,000 searches. If you are in the pet space, you must cover this product as well to bring traffic.

To promote your product, use visual platforms like Instagram or Facebook. People search for products for their pets. By using a search-based strategy, you can take a big start by creating your pet fan page.

For building your pet brand, you can also use other pet owners’ pictures with their pets. You can also post pet products occasionally to your page to get frequent sales.

Another way to get traffic to your store, search already existing pet fan pages and pay them for posting your products to their page. It would bring almost $30 to $200 depending upon the engaged audience. This approach and earing through this way are lesser than if you post a sponsored post.

5-Makeup Organizer

Storage and organization products are some of the most popular home products. This makeup organizer can arrange messy drawers and organize them in a better way.

You can check its worth and popularity by considering that it got 210 orders in the last month. It comes with three colors: black, white, and pink.

As its function is as a makeup organizer, you can also use it for different purposes like a kitchen organizer, jewelry organizer, or art supply organizer. By taking pictures of this makeup organizer, you may reach a vast number of audiences. For instance, show custom pictures targeting the kitchen, school supplies, jewelry, beauty, and men’s grooming niches.

Due to its various functionalities, you can increase your growth in many niches. It covers different marketing aspects and gives you sales. You can explore Facebook ads to target the right audience.

6-Burrito Blanket

All home products are not serious. Some of them are funny and quirky like this burrito blanket. After seeing it, your audience comes to know they need it. In recent months this novelty blanket got 3,700 orders, proving it to be the best product to buy. But the one side you can’t ignore is its search volume. The phrase “burrito blanket” gets almost 110,000 monthly searches.

To promote your burrito blanket, Instagram is the best platform. You can talk to influencers to post photos and videos of burrito blanket on their social network accounts. When they tag your brand, you would see a massive increase in your sales. You can also offer a commission to the product buyer to attract them. You can ask the buyers to share this product with their friends and family to get the commission. It would bring a dramatic increase in your income. You can also get help from Google Ads to get massive search volume.

7-Pet Bed 

Pets are just like family members for the pet owners. To make your pets more comfortable, you must buy this pet bed for them.  In recent months, this pet bed got 1200 orders. It’s available in six different shades: brown, green, orange, gray, sky blue, and wine red. This comfortable pet bed gives your pet a peaceful place to sleep and rest. You can use Instagram to promote your pet bed.

There is a significant number of fan pages related to dogs on Instagram. You can pinch them easily to capitalize on your sales. Sponsored posts are also of great importance. There are many popular dog breeds with fan pages in the hundred thousand or millions, approach them to get higher sales.

Sponsored posts on a pet fan page tend to give you between $30 and $200, makes it one of the more affordable influencer marketing strategies. So, text them by messaging through your page and tell them about your interest.

8-Couch Slipcover 

The most popular home products of 2020 include sofa covers as well. The trend for this product would continue rising in the coming year. The couch covers to protect it from stains, dirt, and other debris. After a specific time, you can change your couch cover to give a new look to your couch. It can also be helpful to decorate your sofa set. You can sell its fabric for single, double, or triple seat couches. According to Google Trends, the keyword “sofa cover” shows more search demands. 

You must start with a search-based strategy when selling home products like this sofa cover. The monthly research volume of the term “sofa covers” is 165,000. By using different keywords related to your niche, you can check the Keyword, which gives more conversion rate. Use your Pinterest account or group bards to promote your product. Choose the right keywords to get the most visibility of the sofa cover. You can target women age 25 to 45 who own homes by running Facebook ads.

9-Reversible Umbrella

In terms of sales, the reversible umbrella is gaining popularity among people. This product gets over 1400 customer orders in the past six months. This umbrella gets more popularity and people interest in spring.

Here, it is available in 21 different colors and shades. People can quickly get one of them according to their interests.

Google Trends show skyrocketing results for “reversible umbrella” keyword. Choose the places where rainfall is more frequent than other areas for Facebook ads. It would help you to get the targeted audience to reach your online store.

You can also use search-based strategy here by running Google Shopping ads. The keyword “reversible umbrella” gets 4,400 monthly searches or “umbrella” gets an outstanding 450,000 monthly searches.

10-Reusable Straws

Most restaurants are reducing the use of plastic straws due to overall plastic waste. You can promote this plastic-free product to support the social environment. By focusing on marine life, this product may be the best product to sell in 2020.

All of the businesses and restaurants, including individuals, are moving away from plastic straws. Most of them are in search of something that is environment-friendly like these reusable straws.

When the matter is to promote this product, you must have to aware the public about the advantages of these reusable straws as they’re eco-friendly. For this, make an educational video showing benefits of reusable straw over buying a plastic one.

Highlight that your brand is making a great effort to support social and marine life. In this way, customers buy this product to become a part of you for the betterment of society. Researches show customers pay more for the products that are related to the environment and its substantiality.  

Experts Reviews about Best Home Products and Garden Trends of 2020

According to Ashley Spencer, Artist of Casart Coverings

“The three home product trends we’ll be seeing in 2020 involve the “3 C’s,” Comfort, Color, and Conscientiousness. For comfort, diffusers help create a cozy interior ambiance using a scent that adds a welcoming, fresh atmosphere for entertaining. They also help to relieve stress. Color continues to be a trend aligning with both Maximalist and Minimalist design styles. The easiest way to get a pop of color is with accessories, such as pillows and more substantial side tables. Finally, being conscientious about each purchase is key. Ask will it be used long term and not just be thrown in the trash? Can it be recycled, reused or re-purposed? The items mentioned above, as well as Casart wall coverings, fit these trending criteria. Casart self-adhesive designer wall coverings are high-quality and reusable. They can be donated and depending on the state, recycled. Gone are the days of wastefulness. Meaningful purchases are a must.”

Another expert Josie Abate, Interior Designer of Ambience Express says,

“We all crave the benefits that being in nature can give us, including a healthier body and mind, however, most people are lacking one of the most important elements for improving their daily well being, and that is natural light. Aligning your internal clock to be more in sync with the natural daylight cycle will allow you to reap many health benefits such as improved mood, optimized metabolism, and increased cognitive performance, to name just a few of the advantages. The year 2020 will bring us a new solution in the form of LED skylights. These innovative skylights produce artificial light that closely mimics natural sunlight. This product can be installed on any type of ceiling without having to make costly roof alterations, making it a great alternative to traditional skylights. Put this cutting-edge LED technology to good use in refreshing the ambiance in your space.”


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