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Top 10 Best Pet Products to Sell in 2020



Pet Grooming

The most popular niches to start selling in is pet products. It is the most popular niche around the world because there are millions of pet owners. It is one of the most stable niches of 2020 to sell in. To attract pet owners, you can sell products like dog seat cover, dog toothbrush, and pet painting. Here we go with the top ten best pet products to sell this year.

1. Pet Bed

Pet Bed
This comfortable pet bed was well-liked by people in 2019, and we are looking forward to showing its worth to the globe in 2020. Conventionally, pet beds were hard and rigid in outline. But we now produced a comfortable bed for your companion. In the last months, we have delivered over 13,000 products. We have a variety of pet beds with unique colors and different sizes. We have a collection for your customers that catch their heart. In every month, almost 22K people search the ‘’pet bed’’ phrase, which ensures its demand among the pet owners.

 It’s like a niche as it provides you with the same volume every year. If you want to get more public to pet products, you should affiliate with Instagram fan pages. Approach pages related to pets and ask them for a link in Instagram stories. Although you have to pay for it, usually it costs $50. In comparison to influencer marketing, you can easily convince fan pages. They are more productive and economical than influencer. Fan pages are cheaper and more effective in converting data than an influencer. Thus, it’s better to assign a job to fan pages.

 2. Dog Seat Cover

Dog Seat Cover
It would be best if you had pet seat covers when you are on a long drive with your partner. You need this dog seat cover to protect your car seats. In this way, dirty paws and hair of your pets don’t damage your seat. The seat covers would help you to carry pets to the veterinarian or the market quickly. However, this cover is removable, and you can wash it anytime when needed. It’s easier to clean them than washing your car seats. It is one of the popular products as we received hundreds of orders in the last 30 days. 

 With the end of the 2020 winter season, your customers start finding any product that’s suitable for their pets and can protect their cars from pet’s dirty paws. So first, you have to promote the product by making and sharing a video. Its content may include a dog entering the car. For this purpose, you can contact influencers to aid you in video formation. Then share it with other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to promote your product. As the video shows the benefits of this seat cover, a large number of customers buy this product to protect their cars.

3. Multi-function Biting Toys

Multi-function Biting Toys
In most popular pet selling products, one of them is a multi-function biting toy. It’s a recent addition in pet toys, so it’s easy to rank here. Customers can place it on the floor as it contains a suction end and their pets pull it away. It keeps your pet teeth clean because it’s a biting toy. Dogs love to play with toys, so ultimately bring happiness to your customers. Dog product search volume was almost at the same rate before the release of this product but eventually raised due to this biting toy. Therefore, if you are selling dog products in your store, you must share dog toy pictures to your website. According to Keywords Everywhere, the keyword “dog toys” has search volume up to 110,000.

 A considerable number of people search for this Keyword every month, and you must try to get traffic through search. You can advertise it by displaying ads on goggle. You can also change Keyword to get more audience as dog toys or interactive dog toys. The other way to increase your search volume is to start a blog on pets and daily update informative content on it. Your title should be like “top ten dogs” toys or “best dog toys” to rank your products.

4. Dog Toothbrush

Dog Toothbrush
 For proper health maintenance of your dog, you must have to care about his teeth. The dog’s teeth should be clean. The dog toothbrush helps you in this way. It is made up of plastic material. So, when you clean your pet’s teeth, he enjoys chewing and biting it like a toy. Pet dental cleanliness is an essential factor as this product received thousands of orders. Google Trends shows that the search volume of this product is rising at a rapid rate. It’s a fashionable pet product and gets 33,100 monthly search volume. 

 You can advertise your product to get more customers by running ads on Google for ‘’ dog toothbrush.’’ You can also sell your product through Google Shopping ads by sharing price tag, location of your store and other required points. There is another option of a blog, where you can upload content about dog hygiene. However, share your product link with the material to derive traffic towards your product. It will favor you in ranking as well as in selling the product.

 5. Pet Grooming

Pet Grooming
When you look for pet products, pet grooming comes to be an exciting niche. With this product, you can attract your customers as they now can groom their pets at home. This pet grooming nail trimmer saves customers money and time. One thing to focus, your pet store must have all pet products rather than having single-focused pet grooming products.

 This product is equally beneficial for both dogs and cats. It would protect your furniture from scratches and also your pet’s skin, reduce infection rate and clean dirt. This product is also getting popularity among the pet owners. According to Keyword Everywhere, the phrase “pet grooming” has a monthly search volume of 135,000. This number shows the importance of this niche, and you can quickly start promoting and selling your products.

 Most of the people buy pet products by searching for an advance variety of products on Google instead of going to market. Thus, to attract traffic, you can take help from Google Ads and promote your business. You can also show the working of the nail trimmer product by making a video. Then, share this video with different platforms like Facebook Instagram pages. 

 You can also create a blog on your website, which contains data about pet grooming with your product links. In this way, people first read the benefits of the product and then directly go to your product and buy it. You can also add the option of email opt-in, so your followers can easily subscribe you. People love their pets, and most of their lifetime, they spend with their pets. Thus, pet owners can stay with you for a long time to remain Up-to-date.

 6. Pet Painting

 The most popular products about pet painting came out in 2019: diamond painting and paint-by-numbers paintings, you can sell personalized products as it is one of the most popular trends of 2020. Crafty DIYers can share their pet photos, and AliExpress will send a paint-by-numbers sheet to your pet owner so they can customize the color to paint their pet photo. This pet product is ranking at high rates, and it becomes a highly attractive product. So, you can make more sales in less time.

 There are several social media networks for the promotion of your product like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. You can highlight your post by creating ads. If you create a video of someone painting the pet photo, it will clear your customer how this product works. You can also directly hit the followers of pet pages and the DIY Facebook group and approach them. To place your product link on Pinterest, you have to join group boards. But avoid spamming too many links as it would increase your spam score. Pinterest will remove you from the network due to the high spam score.

 7. Novelty Cat Beds

Although we have already discussed the popularity of pet beds among the pet owners, if we move toward novelty pet beds, we can see that the popularity of this bed is rising at high rates. How beautiful is this banana bed looking? This product buyers immediately capture the picture and post it to their social network accounts. In recent months, this product gets over 1,200 orders with growing demands. People search “cat bed” frequently as it’s a continually growing niche, and it’ll grow at a more rapid rate in 2020 too. The same phrase has 60,500 monthly search volume according to Keyword Everywhere.

The search-based way is the best way to promote novelty cat beds. However, you have to use generic terms like “cat bed” or “pet bed” to increase your views, clicks, and searches. The exact Keyword for your product like “banana bed” can’t produce as much search volume as required for your website. The “banana bed” last most got only 1,300 searches. You can promote your product on Facebook and Instagram as its eye-catching product. You can create a video in which a cat is sleeping and playing with its banana bed. Then share it to different platforms. Use the same video for Google ads; it would also help to capitalize on your sales.

8. Dog Jackets

The dog jacket is the product that is here to protect your dog from cold. Our partners have fur that protects them from cold and keeps them warm. They still need something warmer than their fur to stay active and happy all the time. For this reason, we have produced this product—this pet jacket generated over 7,000 searches and orders as well. The primary phrase “dog jackets” has a monthly search volume of 22,000. In addition to the jackets, you can also sell raincoats. But it’s a seasonal product and required only in winter. Thus, it should be present in your store but not your main niche. You should sell other products too for the generation of more orders and income.

To get more orders on dog jackets, you should advertise your product at the start of the winter season. The winter season is at its peak in November and December. So, makes sure your website should be fully ready and has maximum content before these months arrive. When the season arrives, finally, run Google Shopping ads to attract more public towards your store in the primary season. You can use different terms like “dog jackets” or “dog puffer jacket” and check which Keyword is more helpful than others in raising your business. It’s based on trial and error, but sometimes it works, and random Keyword gets more traffic than others.

9. Cat Litter Mat

The keyword “cat litter” has been jumping up recently, according to Google Trends in search volume. So, it’s not surprising that this product can also give you a significant sell volume as well.

This cat litter mat got 9,700 orders last month, and real customers purchased it. The products like mats and scoops are must-sell accessories, and the keyword “cat litter” gets 74,000 monthly searches. As a seller, you can get more traffic on the keyword “cat litter mat” because of its high search volume of 10,000. 

You can socialize your product on different social media networks like Facebook and Instagram. By running Google ads related to “cat litter” and “cat litter mat” keywords, you may get more orders. The organic search for related and popular keywords can derive your business to a great extent. You can also link your different pet-related pages to your website and get traffic from all sources. To see your ranking results, you have to wait for six months almost and add content to your website consistently. It’s a slowly running game, but the chances to win are very high.

10. Personalized Dog Collar

Dog collars are one of the most popular products you should have in your store. The popularity of these personalized pet collars is due to their stunning and fascinating look. This product recently generated over 5,600 orders. As we know that pet collar products are search-based, and the personalizing factor makes them an impulse to buy a product. For personalization, you should mention a box on your website where the pet holders can add the details of their pet. Now, you can easily send these details to AliExpress.

To promote your product and get more sales, you can run Instagram and Facebook ads and find people who are searching for pet products. You can also join Dog-related pages on Facebook. If you see, there are many groups for dog breeding, and you can easily target niche related groups and networks. You can also use different keywords that are related to “dog collars” and give you more sales. One thing more, make sure that all breeds of dogs don’t wear dog collars like pug wear harnesses.

Experts Reviews on Pet Trends for 2020

According to David Ng Whye Tye: CEO of pet Lovers Center

“The growing popularity of [pet] trackers can be attributed to the rising awareness among pet owners about their pets’ health. These devices can help a pet owner keep a close eye on their furry friend’s health and monitor their behavior.

These wearables can track daily activities and generate data on:

  • The recommended food intake for their pet
  • The number of calories burnt during the day
  • Respiratory patterns

A rising number of people are also adopting pets as companions for their mental stability and entertainment. As a result, owners are more inclined to invest in their pets, boosting expenditure on ensuring their well-being. With the increasing emphasis on maintaining their pets’ health, the global pet wearable trackers market is expected to expand greatly.”

According to another expert Anna Judge, Pet Specialist at NHV Natural Pet

“With many pet owners looking to ensure the health of their pets for years to come, there’s a huge focus on natural health and the environment. People are looking for environmentally conscious pet products such as pet toys made from recycled materials. Natural health supplements are in demand and pet owners want the highest quality. Our pets are our family and furthering that relationship through quality food and supplements is key.”


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