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Top 10 Best Women’s Clothing Items to Sell in 2020



Every woman around the world updates her clothing wardrobe with the latest clothing items. So for 2020, your clothing store or gallery could be the fashion tending hub. In this list, you will find some hottest women’s clothing items; women are searching for.   

You will find all the updated women’s clothing items here throughout the year so that you can sell women’s fashion according to their wanting.

1-Animal Socks

Animal Socks
Pets and women’s fashion are wildly popular niches. The combination of these two powerhouses leads to sky-high sales. Animal socks are the best women’s clothing item to sell in 2020. A seasonal sale like in December increases as per the demand of the season. Moreover, November and December both are the fashion peak season because of holidays.

The monthly search volume for the term “animal socks” is 4,400. This item is more impulse to buy than searched-based buy. To promote this product, Instagram is the best place. On Instagram, the pet is a huge niche. You can link your product with a specific animal or pet page to promote it.

For those who can invest a little more, you must reach some shout-outs on fan pages of monkeys, panda, and other animal socks you sell. Instagram stories shout-outs are more beneficial than bio backlinking.

Specific animal interest-based targeting can also be done regarding promotion.

2-Lambswool Coat

Best Women’s Clothing items
Women’s clothing is not flashy but comfy. This lambswool coat does look and feel cozy. It is a great product of the winter season. Also, it is one of the most popular clothing items regarding women’s fashion.

This product generated about 2400 orders last month. It is in nine different colors, from red to army green. Also, available in different sizes from S to 3XL. You can sell it to all women. 

If you want to reach more number of women, find some fashion blogger Instagram influencers who have a considerable number of audiences. Make an offer to them to take a picture wearing your product. And tag your brand in that post.

Mostly the people with buying intension comments like “I need this” or “I want this” in the post’s comment section. You can directly message them and reply to their comments; then, they can check your brand’s page for the product. 

You can also embed the URL of your drop-shipping store in your Instagram Bio so that buyers can easily reach them. 

3-Oversized Sweater

Best Women’s Clothing items
The oversized sweater is the trendy clothing item for the winter season. You can also add extra layers for colder months underneath. This long-sleeved sweater is more prevalent among women than casual, practical sweaters. 

Brown, beige, white, red, and white is the different fashionable color available. This single sweater generated hundreds of orders in the recent month and thousands in the last six months. 

For the promotion of this product, you can create Facebook and Instagram ads. You can have a variety of audience for selling. Targeting countries should be colder regions of the world. For example, Canada and northern states have a harsh colder climate in January.

For the marketing purpose, you should keep in mind that during January, countries like Australia have the summer season. Don’t target this country.

4-Bodycon Dress

Best Women’s Clothing items
Bodycon dresses are so widespread; these are a niche on their own. Surprisingly search volume for this product is 201,000 on monthly bases.

These huge numbers show that women like fitting dress the most. This off-shoulder bodycon dress can generate more sales for you in 2020. About 6,800 pieces are sold in recent months. The peak season for bodycon dresses comes around September, which tends to have a sharp spike. Wedding season could also be the reason for more sales as bodycon dresses are most popular among the wedding guests. 

For impulse buying, Facebook and Instagram ads are the best choice. Women of 20s and early 30s should be your targeting audience. You can also run search-based ads for the keyword “Bodycon Dresses” and related keywords in Google Shopping. You can also link the fan pages of those who like bodycon dresses and most likely to buy from four websites. 

For Google ads, popular regions are Louisiana, Mississippi, New York, Delaware, and Maryland. So you should start from here to sell the best women’s clothing items. 


Best Women’s Clothing items
To create a slimmer figure, women wear shapewear like products. Because they don’t like to appear fat after gaining a couple of pounds or even after giving birth. After putting on shapewear underneath clothing, your tummy will look flat and will create a slim silhouette. For a couple of years, the searches for the “shapewear” are rising according to the Google Trends.

Facebook ads target those women who are categorized as “new parents.” In this way, you’ll find those women who are self-conscious about their midsection after birth.

Shapewear will help them maintain their appearance without spending hours at the gym and buying the whole new wardrobe.

6-Nipple Covers

Best Women’s Clothing items
Not every customer can wear a bra with every clothing item they buy. Sticky bra or nipple covers are trendy among people because they allow them to dress up without flashing their goods. They create a cleavage in the dress they wear by lifting up the breast.

This product generated over 2,900 orders in the past month. These are becoming more and more and will gain more popularity throughout 2020. Google Shopping ads are suitable for the promotion of nipple covers.

You can use different terms and keywords like “bra tape,” “stick-on bra,” “nipple covers,” and others like this. Choose the one which promotes your business best. By creating a blog on your website for the product store like bra, lingerie, or shapewear, you can provide a valuable product to your customers. Just pick a high volume keyword and start working on it. It will bring more traffic to your blog.

7-Cat Hoodie

Best Women’s Clothing items
Women wearables with pet motives and pictures, especially cats, are really the winning products. These products are on the top of the leader board because of cat lovers. The cat niche is viral, and when it get combines with women’s fashion, it shoots up the sales. It can be added to both pet store products and women’s fashion store.

It has received hundreds of orders. For the promotion of cat hoodie, you can run ads on both Facebook and Instagram targeting the women of age groups 22-34. You can also target the cat fan pages on Instagram for a shout-out in a post or Stories.  

8-Leather Jackets

Best Women’s Clothing items
There are 360,000 monthly volumes noted for the term “Leather Jacket,” which is pretty fair to work on this product. It is an evergreen fashion trend and seems to become more prevalent in 2020. Here we are going to share two leather jacket styles that are trendier.

The red leather jacket had 1500 sales last month. It means people are showing more interest in these spring jackets. There are four other colors: black, pink, sky blue, and red.

The motorcycle jacket is also one of the potential leather jackets. It also has different colors. It will give your customers a pretty good look and will promote your store’s sales. The best way to support this product is to reach out to some Instagram influencers. When a customer sees influencers wearing the attention-grabbing jacket, they will like to wear it themselves. You can create ads using influencer’s photos and videos with their permission.

You can also work on SEO strategy by writing some content on leather jackets on your store’s blog. Only you have to be patient for some months, so just start working before the spring and autumn seasons.

9-Floral Spring Jackets  

Best Women’s Clothing items
Your wardrobe may take over by the floral pattern clothing during summer and spring. There is a long list of women’s floral clothes. You can have a stock of floral spring jackets in your store. It generated 100 orders within a week.

Floral clothing has a wide range of variety in it like jackets, dresses, bathing suits, and other items with floral pattern. According to Google Trends, the search volume arises during March and July for the term “floral clothing.” So, it is the peak season to sell these products.

Facebook and Instagram ads are best to promote these products. You can add up the floral section to the Trend Collection category for the spring and summer season that customers can browse.

10-TV Blanket

You will see people bundling up in the TV blanket in the cold month of winter 2020. It’s not a blanket; it is a hoodie to wear on. About 2,800 products are sold in recent months. During the cold winter nights, this blanket will keep your customer toasty and warm. It comes in two different colors; red and blue.

You can make a package offer in which you can sell both of the blankets. It will increase the average sales. To increase the sale, you must go for the keywords like “snuggie.” As a trademark, you cannot use this word in your ads but can target the keyword as it has 74,000 monthly search volume. And that product is similar to a TV blanket. Run Facebook ads are targeting women of 25-45. To overlap the audience, you can target fans of the Snuggies page.


Experts Reviews about Women’s Clothing Fashion Trends in 2020


According to Erum Ilyas, CEO & Founder, Certified Dermatologist


“The wellness trend for health and beauty is taking on a whole new life as clothing is factored into the discussion. Fashion trends for 2020 and onwards will start to look more to clothing and textiles to provide both style and function. Sun protective clothing, antimicrobial, moisture-wicking, insect repellent, and eczema relief are some of the many functions that textiles and clothing have started to take on. As these functions take shape, to reach a larger audience adding style and beauty to the use of the textiles makes them more widely available and practical to add to any wardrobe. The functional clothing trend has been elevated to the next stage of environmental and health awareness by contributing less to fast fashion trends and focusing on timeless styles.”


Another expert Malvika Sheth, Fashion Blogger of StyleByMalvika says,


“I’m excited to see what the next season of shows this February has to offer. But judging from the shows I attended in New York, Milan, and Paris this past September for the Spring/Summer 2020 season, I saw a lot of big handbags, black and white looks, blue and brown color pairings, glossy lips and ponytails. Overall, slicked-back hair with classic, well-fitted looks seems to have remained a popular goto. I believe we just might start seeing these classic looks with different color pairings based on season, as well as the addition of layered, yet minimal jewelry and larger than usual handbags to personalize those classic looks as we continue through 2020.”


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