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Top 8 reasons to delete Facebook in year 2020



Facebook is the most popular, successful, yet most disliked social media platform in the world. Violation of data privacy, bizarre political advertisement policies, and a multitude of dubious business decisions have led to a distaste for Facebook.

Google, Apple, YouTube, and Twitter also have issues, but Facebook is repeatedly involving itself in mishandling data and making bad policies. Due to this, criticism has increased by the broader public.

Here are some more reasons to delete Facebook ASAP.

Facebook is exploiting your data:

As you register on Fb, you allow Facebook to obtain and exchange data for commercial use. This data compiled and used by advertisers to run targeted campaigns. They invigilate your uploads, events, engagement, and check-ins to sell different products according to your interests.

 Imagine being with a friend with this level of knowledge about you, as Facebook has. He knows where you go, what you like, who you hang out with, tour fears and events happening around you. Now imagine that a friend uses this information to make money or for some other benefits. Isn’t it a nightmare? How can you trust that person as it all depends on him? How will he manipulate this data? Due to this reason, Facebook has developed severe trust issues among users, that’s why deleting Facebook is necessary now

Retains information for years:

If a user deletes any status, photo, or any update, it is no more visible on the Facebook wall, but it is still available on the Facebook server for many years. The same thing implies to account deactivation.

After the deletion of an account, Facebook erases user-generated data, but preserve all the log data. This retained data does not have your name attached. Moreover, data shared by another person about you also remain there. So there is a possibility that your past will haunt the future you.

No longer attractive:

Facebook has the same colour scheme for years. It has an outdated layout, and the site is a mess. The sidebar menu crowded, and there is an overload of information on one page. Fb layout is very confusing as it has options within options. Due to its complicated design, many users are unaware of the Facebook watch section. Hence it is as puzzling as it is atrocious.

Ad load saturation:

Facebook newsfeed now has become a moneymaker and source of revenue for the company. It seems that Facebook has rapidly maximized ad load on the newsfeed as well as on Instagram. Facebook is running out of the room in the user’s newsfeed. User love the ads of their interests, but excessive and irrelevant advertisements are annoying and damage the user experience

Private messages are not secure:

In a conference, Mark has told that the Facebook team is tracking a couple of different approaches towards private content on WhatsApp and Messenger. It means that personal messages are being tapped by the company to exchange authentic information with advertisers to run ads for a targeted audience.


These days, people have more online friends than real ones. People are craved to social media more than tobacco and alcohol. Too much surfing on social media has destroyed the social life of people. Moreover, People do not take an interest in the actual world. All are busy in faking their lives, which leads to severe mental issues among youth. Hence people get attracted to others and develop an inferiority complex.

The threat to democracy:

Recently, Facebook rolled out a new political ads policy, which allows politicians to lie in advertisements. Facebook is hidden behind free speech to defend this policy. There must be a reasoned explanation of free speech, but Facebook is allowing posting organic content, which is ridiculous.

Global domination:

The United Nations has stated that Facebook played a huge role in the ethnic massacre of the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. This platform used to spread hate speech and misinformation about the Rohingya Muslims.

In India, where Facebook owns WhatsApp, fake news became viral, which resulted in political viciousness and many killings.

For some countries, Facebook has come forth with initiative. It provides free web access to users in developing countries, but Facebook decides what content will be available to users on Free Basics. Overall, this program critiqued, and many governments ended their participation in this program.

After reading these facts, if you are worried and thinking of deleting Facebook, then it is suggested that you spend less time on Facebook as it will help you to get rid of this addiction. Moreover, your route towards leaving it will be more comfortable.


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