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Twitch Rolled Out New Directory of eSports For Users



Social video platform for gamers, Twitch is strategically increasing its audience on esports. It is because of the cancellation of many customary sports events due to social distancing. Twitch has introduced a new eSports category on its site where people can easily get information about the live matches and their favorite players. Moreover, they can play games with active competition leagues.

Twitch’s Aim:

Twitch aims to make it more accessible for the people to sort out the gaming content.  Because of the COVID-19 lockdown, they are observing a rush of the audience here and growth.  According to a report from Streamlabs, the watch hours, streaming hours, and average coexisting viewership is improved in the 1st quarter of 2020.

Moreover, it crossed three billion hours watch for the very first time, which is a significant achievement. For the consolidation of content in an easy-to-find and easy-to-navigate column on-site, the esports category creation is a good step by Twitch.

By clicking on the favorite game section, the user can see the related matching content, at the top of the site. After that, in the section below, there are recent live matches, followed by replays and highlights in down sections. In addition, there is another category of players for the viewers to see who is currently live.

Above all, Rocket League Championships Series, ESL Katowice, Twitch Rivals, and the League of Legends World Championship will populate the directory being modest and leading esports in the world.

Moreover, Twitch is planning to add more content in the form of events, channels, and benefits of fresh content like categories. Also, for the users’ convenience, it will recommend the content-based on the user’s watch history of the committed section. In this way, they can find the esports stream of their interest. However, when you click on the “All Games” it will show you a list of games and summaries on the site.

Because of the coronavirus outburst, people are visiting online games for entertainment. But the esports market will gain a slight hit from this pandemic in the near future.

Global eSprts Revenues:

The global esports revenues generation is thought to be down than previous estimates, according to Newzoo. It was $1,100.1 million, which is now reduced to $1,059.3 million in estimation. All this is due to the pandemic, which causes the cancellation and postponement of live events. For shifting esports events to the digital world, Twitch took a step by building up a new directory to excel.

It will lead to higher streaming revenues in the future.  Global quarantine is sending more users for online entertainment gaming and inspiring new participants to join the market. As a result, Newzoo’s estimate for team streaming revenues increased from $18.2 million to $19.9 million in 2020. Also, $31.6 million to $34.4 million in 2023.


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