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Ups and Down to be in Social media in 2020



Social Media in 2020:

TikTok, the priority of marketers in 2020:

Social media in 2020 is going to be changed dramatically. In 2020, almost all marketers in the US are going to invest their time and money on TikTok. The divergence of marketers is due to a dramatic increase in the audience on TikTok. There were 2.6 million users in October 2017, 7.5 million in September 2018, and in March 2019, that number was doubled to 14.3 million. All this is because people find more engaging content on TikTok rather than other social media websites. Social network media sites used in 2019 were 9, including Facebook, messenger, tumbler, snapchat, Pinterest, where people make their profiles and interact with others. Most downloaded apps were three, including TikTok, messenger, and Instagram.

More focus on social media channels of brands:  

In 2020 marketers will have more emphasis on social listening. Their brand’s social media sites, their brand name in the various discussion will be monitored so to get insights and work on opportunities. All this because 90% of consumers in 2020 will reach brands or companies through their social media sites.

Benefits of social media listening:

Recently, a survey had been made to see the benefits of social media listening.

  • Marketers underwent through complete insights of social media listening and got the point to improve the quality of products or services of their brands. And 24% of businesses do this.
  • Social media listening very beneficial to brands or businesses. They can attract 25% of new customers due to their particular attention on social media sites as they are improving digital advertisement quality.
  • Consumer Comments for the betterment of their services on business pages assist businesses to work hard. So, 21% of companies start to provide better services.


    Customers will follow micro-influencers:

    Related to influencers social media in 2020 will change. Micro-influencers are those having 1000 to 100,000 followers on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter Instagram. These people will be a more trusted icon for consumers as compared to big influencers. Somehow the reason is that macro-influencers having a minimum of 100,000 subscribers are just promoting the product to get money from brands regardless of the effect that products are good or bad for consumers or not.

    74% of consumers will always rely on social media sites before to buy something. But still, 61% of consumers will make purchases due to recommendations of friends and family rather than celebrities or influencers.

    Live content will dominate:

    Live video will be the attention seeker for the business world. Before people reach their favorite brands from their recorded videos or pictures, but now they reach them when they are reaching out. So customers have more trust in live content, and this trust is increasing day by day. 65% of viewing hours of live content raised from 2017 to 2018. Many match leagues are also going live on various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and their viewing hours was increased by 19% in 2019.

    Fewer rumors in 2020:

    There will be fewer rumors in 2020 as there will be more fact-checking services to avoid all the fake news to get spread. Some rules and regulations will be made to avoid these rumors. Twitter banned political ads in 2019, so other social media sites also expected to do this.

    Social media sites going to be less harmful:

    Instagram and Facebook are taking action to get rid of likes, and twitter will also do the same act shortly. The reason to get rid of the likes is to focus on quality content production rather than popularity aspects. Some features regarding the decrease in loneliness and to decrease addiction to social media will be tested in 2020. If successful, then it will be launched.



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