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VIRTUAL VISOR: Bosch’s Recent Invention to save lives 



“We’ve built a culture around empowering our associates by putting them in the driver’s seat.”

Mike Mansuetti, president of Bosch in North America

According to reports,

  • The automotive accidents caused by Sun sparkle sources are almost twofold. When we compare to any other weather-related condition.
  • Bosch’s new Virtual Visor protects driver eyes from harmful sun rays and improves driver comfort and safety.
  • Virtual Visor consists of Clear LCD board; camera with AI facial recognition and investigation; and software.

    A Modest Revolution:

      According to Dr. Steffen Berns:
      it is some of the modest revolutions which can make maximum impact.  Moreover, Virtual Visor among these as it helps drivers to have a clear vision of the road.
    • Bosch at CES stated that: “Virtual Visor named in Best of Innovation in CES 2020 Innovation Awards; see it in action at booth #12041 in Central Hall.”
    • Farmington Hills, Michigan: Bosch is considering driver comfort and safety as one of the most neglected areas. Furthermore, the sun causes twice the same number of auto crashes as some other climate-related condition because of transitory visual impairment.
    • The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports thousands of sun glare-related automotive accidents each year.
    • Yet another investigation shows the danger of car accidents is 16% higher during brilliant daylight than average climate. The conventional sun visor isn’t prepared to satisfactorily address this issue. It hinders a portion of sun from your eyes yet alongside it, part of your view is obstructed too.

      What Bosch Offers:

        Bosch is offering a way out with the progressive Virtual Visor, intuitive camera and a see-through LCD, which replaces the customary vehicle sun visor.  As the first rethought Visor in almost a century. Bosch’s innovation uses quick calculations to naturally obstruct the sun’s glare and not the road view ahead.
      • Dr. Steffen Berns, president of Bosch Car Multimedia, stated that “For most drivers around the world, the visor component as we know it is not enough to avoid hazardous sun glare. Especially at dawn and dusk when visibility greatly decreases. Some of the simplest innovations make the greatest impact, and Virtual Visor changes the way drivers see the road.”
      • The Virtual Visor, which was regarded as a Best of Innovation in the CES 2020 Innovation Awards, will make a big appearance at CES 2020 in Las Vegas. Moreover, the Virtual Visor was likewise named as an honoree in the competition of awards, which identifies items crosswise over 28 classes. Virtual Visor got the Best of Innovation for the In-Vehicle Safety class Entertainment as it reached the top ratings from a board of judges that comprised of engineers, designers, and individuals from the tech media.

        Future Cars Outfit:

          Virtual Visor interfaces an LCD panel with occupant-monitoring or driver camera to follow the sun’s casted shadow on the driver’s face. moreover, the framework utilizes artificial intelligence to find the driver inside the picture from the driver-confronting camera. It likewise uses AI to define the landmarks on the front ‒ including where the mouth, eyes, and nose are found ‒ with the goal that it can distinguish shadows on the front. The algorithm investigates the driver’s view, obscuring just the segment of the presentation.through which light hits the driver’s eyes. The remainder of the performance stays transparent, no longer darkening a large section of the driver’s field of vision.
        • Jason Zink, a technical expert for Bosch in North America and one of the co-creators of the Virtual Visor, stated that “We revealed early in the development that users regulate their traditional sun visors constantly to cast a shadow on their own eyes. Finally, this comprehension was profound in aiding to simplify the product concept and fuel the strategy of technology.”
        • The innovative utilization of liquid crystal innovation to obstruct a particular light source diminishes accident risk, hazardous sun glare, and driver uneasiness. It likewise increases driver safety, comfort, and visibility.

          Idea From The Recycling Bin:

          • From the first concept and ideation stage to prototyping and testing, Virtual Visor is a bottom-up solution. This technology made conceivable through the development culture built up at Bosch. Additionally, workers are urged to apply lean startup approaches to confirm client benefits, feasibility and market potential for new thoughts. Finally, these are then approved by peers and endorsed for advancement.
          • Mike Mansuetti, president of Bosch in North America, stated that “We’ve built a culture around empowering our associates by putting them in the driver’s seat. Furthermore, as a leading global technology provider. We understand that innovation can come from any level of an organization. Furthermore, we want to see that grow.”



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