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YouTube Is Testing “Products in this Video” Feature For Shopping Links



An American online video sharing platform YouTube has introduced a new feature for the users. YouTube is testing this feature on some users to check the output. 

“Products in this Video”

According to this feature, now users can see the shopping links in the video. It will be for each specific product they are watching. 

They named the feature as “Products in this Video”. In the beginning, YouTube will just allow some users to enable this feature for their videos as an experiment. This feature will investigate the whole video for mentioning the specific products. After sensing those products, it starts showing some visual links that may be displayed over the video as whole or shown underneath the video. It will enable viewers to do shopping easily. 

For example, when you see a video “Top 10 USB flash drives in 2020”, YouTube will show you the list of all flash drives of different brands because of this feature.


According to the YouTube developers,

“To help viewers discover products, we’re running a small experiment that will show to some viewers which products are mentioned in the video with new visual elements (over-laid on the video and below the video).”


How does this feature work?

For example, in a “Top USB flash drives in 2020” video, some viewers will see an icon on the video. Moreover, they will see more information below, which will contain the list of all the flash drives from different companies or brand in the video.

There are still a lot of queries about this feature and its working. It is unknown which platform it supports. However, mobile phones and computers are obvious supported devices so far. Above all, the point is unknown whether the creator will have control access to this feature or not. As the affiliate links are the big source of making money from the review videos for most of the creators. It could hit the revenue stream for sure as YouTube is powering its own “Products in the Video” feature.

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